How to Measure Your Head for a Wig

Before shopping for your first or next wig piece, it’s important to measure beforehand to know your correct wig size.


Apply your wig cap and grab a flexible measuring tape. Measure the circumference of your head by placing the end of the measuring tape at your hair line in the front, wrap the measuring tape around and then below the occipital bone. Bring the tape around until it meets in the front. The average circumference measurement is going to be about 21 inches. If you are smaller than a 21 inch circumference then you could possibly wear a petite size, if you are larger than 21 inches you can go into a larger wig size.


You will also need to measure the diameter from the front center of your forehead over the top to underneath your nape. Measure from ear to ear.


Keep in mind that all wigs are designed differently so they fit differently. Find a wig professional that can help you try different styles on. When trying on a wig, if it feels a little bit too large, try to tighten the tabs in the back. In our wigs, you can tighten your wig up to an inch to inch and a half tighter. Releasing the tab can make the wig larger by almost an inch. Keep in mind that wig foundations have flexibility, so the more you wear a piece, the more comfortable it becomes.
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If you don’t have a measuring tape at home, don’t worry! Go to our Salon Locator, where you can find one of the wonderful wig shops that are in or near your area. A wig professional can help you make this wig experience easy and very comfortable.

To see a demonstration of how to measure your head for a wig, watch this video with our wig expert Daniela Hernandez Salas.


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