How to Wear a Hat with a Wig


Some get nervous about wearing a hat over a wig. An important rule to follow when you’re selecting your hats is to always look for something that’s adjustable. Often there are adjustments on the inside that are not noticeable when you’re looking directly at a hat. Try locating the adjustments and try it on.


Before wearing a hat out, pin your wig to your wig cap whether you have hair or not. Put your wig cap on first, layer your wig, make sure you use bobby pins on the sides. Doing this can help you not be nervous that you will lose your wig when you remove your hat in public.

Feel confident that you can find hats that you can layer and wear over your wig comfortably!

Watch our wig expert, Daniela Hernandez Salas demonstrate the techniques in this video below!

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