Types of Wig Cap Constructions


The machine-made cap is our most common type of foundation. It is very affordable and its type of construction allows for more volume. These caps have a lot of stretch and become more comfortable as you wear them.


The lace front foundation allows you to choose to wear your hair with or without a bang. When pulled back, the hand knotted lace front gives you a very natural appearance as it looks like its growing from your skin. 


Designed to look like it’s growing from your skin, the lace front part lays naturally due to how far the part goes back into the cap. It’s a great choice if you like to wear your hair with a definite part. This style of foundation can be worn with or without a bang.


The double monofilament construction is a luxurious cap as it lays close to the head and allows you to have the flexibility to part in any direction. The cap is hand-knotted around the perimeter of the top of the scalp and is covered with another piece of fabric which feels nice and soft against the skin. This type of cap construction is considered a medical type piece because it lays very close to the skin and is going to fit most comfortable for those that might be experiencing hair loss or maybe don’t have hair. There is a polyurethane strip toward the front in the event that you choose to use tape to secure your foundation.

As you can see there are many types of foundations, take your time in selecting which foundation best suite you and your needs. We invite you to find your next look here.


See more from our wig expert, Daniela Hernandez Salas in this video.


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