The René of Paris Hot Tool

René of Paris Hot Tool

Our Celebrity Stylist and Wig Expert, Alexander Turnbull, showcases our exciting new product, the René of Paris Hot Tool! After extensive development, we have created this heating tool that is especially made for synthetic wig fibers. 

Wig Fiber Uses

While it could be used for human hair and high heat wigs, our flat iron has been set to the perfect temperature for synthetic wigs which is 240 F (120 C). Finally a heat tool that can be used for straightening, smoothing or adding waves into synthetic wigs!


Some other features the tool has includes having 21 different ceramic teeth that can be used to straighten or curl. The temperature is set to 240 Degrees Fahrenheit (120 Celsius), so no need to adjust it yourself. This tool instantly heats up in 1 minute and will auto shut-off if it’s not in use after 60 minutes. It’s as simple as just turning it on with one on/off button!


To demonstrate how our hot tool works, Alexander did all of the “don’ts” to our Harper wig in Creamy Blond so it became disheveled and tangled. Watch in this video how he uses the hot comb either facing up or down to smooth and straighten Harper. 

Watch the complete demonstration here from Alexander here:

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