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Brushes vs Combs for Wigs

Alexander Turnbull, our Senior Stylist and Beauty Expert Rene of Paris and Aderans, shares a few different tricks and hints on what kind of brushes and combs we recommend for wigs. 


The Folding Brush by Rene of Paris, is great to have handy in your bag, gym bag, purse, or anytime you are traveling. This brush that folds just opens extends. What’s great about this wig brush is that it is extremely versatile as it has a pointy tail on the end that can be used to take sections or part your wig, and the teeth and the bristles on the brush aren’t too close together so it can actually detangle quite nicely as well. So this one is kind of a brush that will do absolutely everything. Brushes can be a very personal choice regarding what features you look for, but for Alexander and our team, this is probably one of the handiest tools you can get. It slips right into your bag as it’s not too large, and can pop open when you need it.

The Wire Brush by Rene of Paris is one Alexander has used on professional sets and filming environments as it handles beautifully the balance as it can be used to brush out a wig into a gorgeous wave, or you can use it to release tangles. This is probably the best all-around brush that you can get and it’s not just great for wigs, it’s great for bio hair as well.


Another favorite is the Bamboo Tail Comb by Rene of Paris. Wooden combs are ideal for anti-static uses, which can help wigs lay flat. Also these are really great at taking sections in wigs because it has the fine point towards the end. For example, if you’re wanting to take a section for doing braids or for finding your part, this works really nicely. The teeth aren’t too close together so it’s not going to pull if you have tangles, but remember if you have a tangled wig, always work from the ends of your hair up, that way you’re not going to be pulling tangles onto themselves. 

The Bamboo Basin Comb by Rene of Paris and Bamboo Detangle Comb by Rene of Paris are purely designed for detangling wigs. You can use it for styling as well, for example, these wig combs work really nicely for shorter wigs. These two combs are very similar, the difference is that one has teeth that are slightly wider. But they’ll do a similar job and they are very good anti-static options. 

For getting texture in your wig, the Wig Lift Comb by Rene of Paris has spacing between the teeth that is very helpful in creating up style (updo) or if you want to hold some hair back and then comb some forward so you get some texture. Another use could be if you have a shorter wig and you wanted to comb it to get some texture, this comb would work great. 

Hopefully this is helpful when it comes to choosing your next Rene of Paris brush or comb. They are all great to work with for different reasons, and we hope you find the perfect one for you!

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