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This delicious color is Cappucino-based, with a mix of dark strawberry blond and medium golden blond highlights. This daring tone is sure to enhance confidence and turn heads.
Almond Rocka
The rooted version of Almond Rocka, this color is Cappucino-based, with a mix of dark strawberry blond and medium golden blond highlights. Deep brown roots enhance the tone's showcases a sophisticated, classy, and natural appearance.
Almond Rocka-R
Toasted almond tones, beige and gold blonds give this color a classy, expensive feel. Almond Spice-R is a medium mocha brown root looks very realistic with velvety richness.
Almond Spice-R
Almond Toast is a beautifully blended color using the combination of two different tones. A cool satin brown mixed with rich deep warm brown creates the perfect color, which is chic and classy.
Almond Toast
A unique blend of very cold icy blonde slices mixed with fine apricot and copper colors. Has maximum contrast. This sassy Apricot Frost is a beautiful shade to suit most skin tones.
Apricot Frost
This one tone wonder is just amazing! Aqua Paradise looks like the tropical water of the Seychelles. This beautiful head turning color is the finest aqua marine on the market.
Aqua Paradise
Ashen Cream is an ash-blonde shade that is lighter, comparing to other shades of blonde and it has some grayish tint. This shade is cool toned, so it involves green and blue undertones. Brilliantly blended, Ashen Cream has a full mix of cream, vanilla, and ash blond highlights.
Ashen Cream
Auburn Sugar is a mixed red with a medium auburn brown base. The color is highlighted with a blend of golden and cherry blond with fine smoky blond slices and tones of copper.
Auburn Sugar
A dark brown rooted auburn base flowing into beautiful slices of gold and cherry blond. Auburn Sugar-R has the fine smoky blond highlights and tones of copper dance throughout this very posh, pretty color.
Auburn Sugar-R
Autumn Teak is a stunning deep red with a plethora of autumnal colors. This color has lovely shades of red, orange gold and red brown. While it's designed with the colors of fall, this a captivating blend of autumn shades can be worn all year round!
Autumn Teak
Banana Split LR has a long chocolate root which blends into golden yellow slices with banana blonds running toward the ends. A flattering ombre that enriches your complexion.
Banana Split-LR
Beige Brown is a beautiful ash brown beige hair color, with smoky and cool, neutral, and warm beige undertones. This color lets you upgrade your brown locks in a subtle way.
Beige Brown
Black has a neutral, soft black base. The off-black tone creates a natural appearance for dark color enthusiasts.
This sultry, modern color is a combination of warm, off-black base with a hint of platinum white. Black Onyx features a nice balance of soft platinum white highlights carefully placed in front, resulting in a fashion-forward look for any style!
Black Onyx
This fashionable blond is a must have for the on trend customer who loves ombre and root stretched colors. Starting from a chocolate root then stretching into a butterscotch blond and finally melting into cream, gold and champagne blonds. Blonde Ambition is one of our high heat colors.
Blonde Ambition
Blueberry Burst is Expresso-based with a hint of deep ocean blue and true purple highlights. This color blend is alluring, like the clear night sky with a sprinkling of stars.
Blueberry Burst
Bronze Hazelnut-R has a dark brown root and a blend of warm blonde, cool light blonde and dark brown tones.
Bronze Hazelnut-R
This bronze based medium red is great and full of coco chocolate lowlights and hazel copper highlights. Bronzed Brown has eye catching glimmers of rosewood and autumn orange.
Bronzed Brown
Brown Sable is a neutral medium brown base with cool light brown highlights. With face-framing strands, this will brighten any complexion.
Brown Sable
Brown Spice is sophisticated, warm and rich with medium, warm chocolate brown. This polished color is suitable for any length, with luscious color tones that will compliment both cool and warm skin tones!
Brown Spice
Brown Sugar is a rich tone that blends warm, dark chocolate and light chocolate tones. This mixture creates a perfectly balanced medium natural brown. This dark root color creates a lifelike, natural and velvety appearance
Brown Sugar
This playful color is loaded with fun and will suit any age group. A stunning silver, greyish pink with a slight bubble gum blond tone throughout the mid lengths and ends. This grows from an icy brown regrowth root making the piece look extremely realistic, with a pink water color toner Bubble Gum-R is so on trend.
Burgundy is a full bodied dark red is full of tiny slices of red tones almost invisible to the eye but cleverly meshed together to give us this high end sheik blended beauty.
This is a complex full bodied deep red that has been created from the huge success for our star color (Burgundy). Developed from the burgundy base we have flooded the color with fibers of black onyx and chili reds, classy and exotic this has become a very popular shade.
Burgundy Rosa
This sassy, spicy red is irresistible with a slight depth to the root flowing into rusty red and cherry color. Burnt Chili gives off many different red tones and red lights.  This coppery concoction is flawless and is one of our high heat colors.
Burnt Chili

This dark red rooted color is simply stunning! In this color we see very fine weaves of desert red, tones of chocolate and rusty reds. Burnt Sienna-R is irresistibly beautiful!

Burnt Sienna-R
Butter Pecan is a pecan blond which melts into many tones of warmth, runs into a toasted pecan white. The creams throughout it look extremely natural and blend through the length. This multidimensional blond is lovely, luscious and really warms the skin tone.
Butter Pecan
The rooted sister of butter pecan has an additional color of warm chocolate brown placed at the root as a regrowth, making it very realistic. This pecan blond which melts into many tones of warmth, runs into a toasted pecan white. The creams throughout it look extremely natural and blend through the length.
Butter Pecan-R
A medium blond smoky infusion of colors! Buttered Toast has a graduated blend of sandstone blonds and soft truffle weaves, with dark beige blond slices and buttery blended undertones.
Buttered Toast
Butterscotch has a variety of caramelized sugar and toffee tones with golden butterscotch blond shades running throughout. This beautiful multi-tonal blond is very wearable….. a stylish dream!
Rich, warm and luxurious Café Ole is a beautiful color.  A dark brown with cappuccino and mocha undertones with a slight depth at the root area, giving this color definition and contrast. Cafe Ole is one of our high heat colors.
Cafe Ole
Caffe Macchiato blends a medium brown with a light brown ashy highlight. This blend of color is a beautiful blended delight!
Caffe Macchiato
A natural grey color with many different shades running throughout. Canyon stone is both elegant and graceful. This opulent blend has a whole host of tones including slate, white, pewter, silver and steal. A much favored option and suits all ages and skin tones and is one of our high heat colors.
Canyon Stone
Cappuccino is a deep, pure brown blended with a warm, rich mahogany brown. It has a realistically smooth "go to" in its essential tone.
Caramel Biscotti is a beautiful mid/dark blond hair color with delicate caramel blond highlights seamlessly blended throughout, creating a warm and inviting look.
Caramel Biscotti
Caramel Brown is Cappucino-based with warm golden blonde highlights. These sectional highlights at the face and middle of nape create a very captivating look.
Caramel Brown
Caramel Cream has blossom white, clean, creamy slices and rich caramel and magnolia tones running throughout this color. It is simply stunning!
Caramel Cream
Cashmere Brown-SR is a stunning color that has given a new twist to our rooted colors. The SR stands for soft root and gives the definition of a rooted color without any harsh lines. Cashmere Brown-LR has a medium beige brown base with woven velvet blond highlights.
Cashmere Brown-SR
Cayenne Spice is a gorgeous mixture of deep red pepper base flowing into melted coppers and beautiful golden lights, creating a red strawberry delight. This color sure brings the wow-factor!
Cayenne Spice
This is one of our favorite reds, the rooted version of Cayenne Spice! It blends a beautiful display of cherry and strawberry tones. From the deep red pepper base flowing into melted coppers and beautiful golden lights. This will shine differently in any light. Cayenne Spice-R is a complete head turner!
Cayenne Spice-R
Chai cream is a light blonde color packed full of slices of golden ivory, very light pearl blonds offset with butterscotch beiges that lift your face. A beautiful complementary shade of blond.
Chai Cream
A very natural but very interesting champagne honey blond with tones of toffee and buttermilk subtlety getting lighter towards the ends. Champagne Blush is a decedent and flattering tone very wearable.
Champagne Blush
One of the most stunning blonds on the market, Champagne-R is a luxurious color with many fine tones of blond which complements the skin and eyes. Cream blonds, champagne hues and pale gold undertones make the blond a work of art! The medium warm brown root gives it the most natural of regrowths and keeps it looking very realistic.
Champagne Silver has a combination of platinum blond and natural light grey. It has soft, light blond tones at the face line and has ends creates a refreshing, dimensional look.
Champagne Silver
Cherry Brown-R is a medium rich brown and soft reddish brown base with medium red highlights. The warm medium brown root tone creates natural transition and dimension.
Cherry Brown-R
Cherry Cola is fantastic! A rich mahogany color, with depth and shine and tastefully placed highlights of cherry and ruby rouge.
Cherry Cola
Cherry Merlot is a sumptuous red color which is both rich and smooth, a medium descendant red base with finely woven juicy cherry red highlights running throughout this delightful tone.
Cherry Merlot
Cherrywood has a hybrant underlighted medium red brown mix has a multitude of tiny chocolate and rich cherry tones and fine flashes of ruby scarlet. Beautiful and delicately textured bringing out all the definition and shine of the style.
To make this color we have blended a multitude of medium brown red to make an unrivaled chestnut. Chesnut has a subtle twist of color blending slightly lighter towards the ends. It is understated, natural and complements all skin tones.
With a soft warm medium brown base, splashed with a blend of cool light blond and dark warm blond highlights, Chocolate Frost is a stylish head-turner.
Chocolate Frost
The rooted version of Chocolate Frost-R brings soft warm medium brown base tones, splashed with a blend of cool light blond and dark warm blond highlights. The addition of neutral dark brown roots creates a modern yet realistic appearance.
Chocolate Frost-R
Chocolate Lava has a sleek, Expresso-based brown with natural appearance highlights of a cool medium brown tone. The combination of colors makes this natural color a stunner!
Chocolate Lava
Chocolate Parfait Root has a warm, dark-brown base with natural creamy highlights. This human hair color has soft-brown root tone creates a natural, yet dimensional appearance.                                                                                                                                                 
Chocolate Parfait Root
Chocolate Pretzel creates a swirly delight as it combines a dark brown base with a delightful cascade of medium honey blond and medium coppery highlights. Empower any look with this modern brown color.
Chocolate Pretzel
Our Chocolate Swirl color has a Cappucino-base, with a mix of honey brown and medium yellow blonde highlights. It features a nice balance of tastefully placed highlights, giving a smooth, decadent look!
Chocolate Swirl
Chocolate Twist beautifully blends the dark brown color Cappucino as the base, with coppery blond highlights and tipped ends. The result is a multi-dimensional natural and flattering brown.
Chocolate Twist
Cinder Toffee is a beautiful blended blond, that boasted an array of toffee, burnt toffee, fudge blond, milk chocolate, and deep golden blond tones. Cinder Toffee is a very flattering color and suits all skin tones.
Cinder Toffee
From the chocolate, dark red base with flattering woven slices of teak, paprika, cinnamon and soft wheat dark blonds. Fantastic and beautiful! Cinnamon Swirl will put you in a spin!
Cinnamon Swirl
Coco Brown is a rich warm chocolate brown. This color has a smoky deep shade with tones of mocha running throughout.
Coco Brown
Coco Cream is a rich dark chocolate base that pushes the boundaries with its stunning displays of lily white chunky blond weaves and pale natural ash blond slices. Maximizing the impact of the style!
Coco Cream
This medium red copper brown has a tasteful blend of lighter red and dark blonds. Coconut Spice has twists of pale coconut blonde shades throughout, spicing up this spectacular color. This continues to be a popular choice world over.
Coconut Spice
Coffee Bean is a rich dark brown color that flatters skin of all types with such a natural tone. A great choice for any wig wearer!
Coffee Bean
Coffee Latte has a Cappucino-base with a mix of warm medium brown and medium golden blond highlights. With strategically placed highlights throughout, the warm toned color will highlight and warm the skin tone.
Coffee Latte
This is our rooted version of Coffee Latte. With a cappucino-base mixed with warm medium brown and medium golden blond highlights, the rich, deep dark brown roots give a natural shadowed appearance.
Coffee Latte-R
Coffee Noir is an espresso toned shade, with a cool rich tone, and is oh-so sophisticated. This stunning dark brown, makes any style look amazing.
Coffee Noir
Copper Glaze has honey gold blond highlights scattering through a medium copper brown base. A much loved autumnal shade. This is flattering and warm. It is a great choice if you like a highlighted red copper.
Copper Glaze
This rooted version of Copper Glaze has a regrowth of dark to medium amber brown and has honey gold blond highlights, scattering through to a medium copper brown. A much loved autumnal shade, this is both flattering and warm.
Copper Glaze-R
Cosmic Teal is a smoky fused deep teal base with off-black lowlights throughout. Nocturnal vibe with a cool, sophisticated attitude.
Cosmic Teal
Cream Velvet is a beautiful rooted blond with a medium warm mocha root blending into smooth velvet and cream blonds expertly woven to giving a stunning salon inspired finish.
Cream Velvet
This bombshell blond is packed with platinum blond and creamy highlights. The lightest of our traditional blonds. Though it is very light, it is still able to flatter the skin tone with its unique blended formula.
Creamy Blond
Creamy Dolce is a beautiful blond with a natural regrowth of a dark to medium honey brown with a whole host of tiny weaves of orchid white blonds and pale creams.
Creamy Dolce
This irresistibly, gorgeous blond is both natural and outgoing. Creamy Toast-R has a blended regrowth of almond brown and has creamy porcelain slices throughout and undertones of soft wheat and pale light oak.
Creamy Toast-R
Creamy Toffee is a warm based blond, running with very fine cream highlights and weaved to perfection. This beautiful color has a gold glow and undertones of coffee.
Creamy Toffee
An ombre version of Creamy Toffee R, it is a rich medium brown chocolate stretched root, blended into cool, gold honey tones and cream blond with a toffee twist. This is very fashion forward working great both with longer styles and mid length cuts.
Creamy Toffee-LR
This is the rooted version of Creamy Toffee. The color has undertones of coffee, gold honey tones and cream blond with a toffee twist gives the root a very natural regrowth charming and sophisticated.
Creamy Toffee-R
This fantastic blond has a caramelized honey medium root with a melody of light ivory and soft corn cream blonds. These color contrast makes this blond a winner in any style. Creme Brulee is pure luxury.
Creme Brulee
Pale cream and dark coco in contrast with one another, a fantastically dark root which then transverses into the cream coconut and whitey blond ash tones. Creme de Coco is an uber, cool color which maximizes fashion flair. It is one of our high heat colors.
Creme de Coco
This style if for the ombre lover who wants a bit more fire and spice. This LR has been so popular and we can see why, a rich coppery mid brown chocolate long root that smudges and blends into cool coppers and smoked orange. Feisty and fantastic Crimson-LR rocks!
Crimson-R features a beautiful mid brown chocolate root that seamlessly blends into cool coppers and smoked orange tones. If you want to stand out, this is an excellent color choice!
Dark Chocolate is the perfect neutral brown. Carefully crafter by blending a rich, deep chocolate brown with a cool medium brown tone, this color will look natural and real to those looking for a dark color.
Dark Chocolate
Dark Rust is a medium to light multi-tonal red with highlights and lowlights of rusty red shades and apricot bronze with tastefully placed slices of Tuscan terracotta.
Dark Rust
Elegantly blended Expresso and cool ashy brown combined to form one of our most natural brown colors. The color contrast of Deep Smoky Brown creates a lifelike, dimensional look.
Deep Smoky Brown
Desert Sand-R is a natural blend of warm rich blond and cool light blond with a medium brown root. This fabulous combination creates a beautiful look.
Desert Sand-R
Dusty Rose is a smoky fused medium coral red base with warm dark brown roots. Fresh-tone beauty in bloom.
Dusty Rose
Expresso is our most decadent darkest brown which was created with a very rich, cool tone. Silky, satin and oh so sophisticated.
Frost features contrasting highlights of cool blond and natural brown. A perfect color for both blond and brown enthusiasts.
Frosti Blond is an ashy finely highlighted color, coming from a gentle root of dark blond. This is a very natural color, conservatively cool and sophisticated. Frosti Blond continues to wow us in any style!
Frosti Blond
Frozen Mulberry is a stunning hair color that combines a pale white-grey platinum base with subtle lavender and frosted berry tones delicately woven throughout. This unique blend of highlights and purple toned lowlights adds texture and elegance to the overall look.
Frozen Mulberry
Frozen Sapphire is a smoky fused icey blue base with indigo black roots. The crystalline color illuminates any skin tone.
Frozen Sapphire
Cool, dark brown based with ashy medium blond highlights. Fudge Ripple features carefully placed highlights frame a very lavish look.
Fudge Ripple
One of the most popular colors in our reds! This rich classy red brown has bags of shine and has highlights and low lights of slightly lighter and darker coppers running throughout the garnet brown base. This Garnet Glaze color is beautiful!
Garnet Glaze
Ginger Brown is a fabulous mixture of our Cappucino color and a medium reddish brown. This stunning color fits any occasion and outfit!
Ginger Brown
Ginger Highlight has deep browns and smoked paprika slices, blended into fine weaves of highlighted ginger. This copper twist is fashion forward and fabulous.
Ginger Highlight
A highlighted and low-lighted color that has a rich coppery gold brown base, with many contrasting weaves of amber blond, cool coppers and ginger and pine undertones. A color which we adore!
Ginger Snap
Gold Blond is a truly wonderful gold satin blond. There are many warm, honey and golden wheat shades. This is always a popular selection and we can see why!
Gold Blond
This unique color is a carefully crafted one-tone medium brown. With a distinctive mixture of cool ashy brown and rich warm brown, it's an excellent choice for skin tones of all types.
Golden Brown
Our golden wheat is a stunning mixture of golden medium blond and cool light blond. Its sassy combination allows for a clean, natural, classic and soothing tone.
Golden Wheat
Grape burst is an explosion of deep smoky purple, rich, full and fruity a true masterpiece this luxurious color is a real showstopper.
Grape Burst
A dark blond base which displays the finest of honey highlights. These are blended throughout the color and gradually get lighter towards the ends, giving this color a super summery vibe. Harvest Gold is always a popular choice and great in any style.
Harvest Gold
Hazelnut Cream Root
Henna Red -R is a bright and vibrant red with cherry undertones. It has luxurious and rich coffee bean brown toned root regrowth. This is simply head turning henna red hair!
Henna Red-R
Highlighted Blond Root has soft cool light blond and warm dark blond highlights. The soft light brown root tone creates a natural, modern vibe.
Highlighted Blond Root
Highlighted Brown Root has a medium brown base with a combination of light cool blond and dark warm blond highlights. The medium brown root tone adds a trendy, realistic appearance.
Highlighted Brown Root
Our Honey Brown is warm, medium honey tone brown. This color contrast creates a natural, yet dimensional look that compliments skin tones of all types.
Honey Brown
Honey Brown-R is a summery, rooted color that blends a sunkissed, medium brown base blended with medium honey blond highlights. The dark brown roots are added for a natural shadowed effect and warm tone that enhances the skin tone.
Honey Brown-R
This wheaty wonder suits all ages and skin tones. Identical to Honey Wheat-R, without the chocolate brown root. This delightful medium blond is full of slices with tones of honey and cream
Honey Wheat
This wheaty rooted wonder suites all ages and skin tones. The chocolate brown root of Honey Wheat-R has regrowth graduates into the mid lengths and ends. Full of gentle slices of honey cream and blond wheaty tones.
Honey Wheat-R
Luxurious medium chocolate base with a medium yellow gold peek-a-boo highlight. Honeycomb Brown's unique underlight placement creates a trendy vibe.
Honeycomb Brown
This deliciously chocolatey tone is perfect for that person who loves to be dark and striking but still maintain a warmth to the skin. Hot Chocolate is an expensive looking color is a dark brown with a subtle blend of dark chocolate and milk chocolate tones, while maintaining a natural regrowth which keeps this color looking very realistic. Hot Chocolate is one of our high heat colors.
Hot Chocolate
This captivating clever color has a blend of beautiful ash blond highlights and velvet blonds. Towards the ends of the hair you are hit with blocks of ice blonde tips. This Ice Blond color combination is great in any style. It is crisp and cool… we love it!
Ice Blond
Iced Mocha is based with our Medium Brown color with added cool light blond highlights. This dynamic color is suitable for both light and dark tone enthusiasts!
Iced Mocha
Iced Mocha-R balances our Medium Brown-base with cool light blond highlights. Warm, dark root color creates any type of realistic length, giving off a stunning look.
Iced Mocha-R
Icy Caviar has an off-black base, with carefully placed white highlights. This new grey creates a trendy yet elegant look.
Icy Caviar
Icy Oak-SR has a warm medium brown base mixed with golden blond. The white gold highlights and soft shadowed root effect crate a beautiful color tone.
Icy Oak-SR
Icy Petal is a beautiful ice white color that boasts an array of sublime subtle tones of pale lavender and pastel pinks, expertly woven throughout this stunning shade.
Icy Petal
A truly stunning color! This striking iridescent white gives off hues of silver and pales purples. The dark brown root has an appearance of natural regrowth. Illumina-R is fashion forward and toned to perfection.
A lovely mixed blend of medium and light brown with slices of cool copper highlights. Irish Spice has a base of this color is a chestnut tone with a dark brown undertone which graduates into red copper.
Irish Spice
This rooted version of Irish Spice has a medium red brown root regrowth. Irish Spice-R is a color that has a delightful blend of medium and light brown slices and cool copper highlights, with chestnut tones and a dark brown red copper undertone.
Irish Spice-R
A blend of rich, warm medium brown with medium coppery blond highlights, Java Blast allures with the beautiful tone transition from light to dark. This combination makes this color realistically modern.
Java Blast
Warm Cappucino-based with a mix of reddish brown and medium golden blond highlights. Java Frost's highlights create a polished, dimensional look with subtle lightening.
Java Frost
Kahlua Blast is a cool toned brown that has a Dark Chocolate-base. This color has a lively yellow golden streak on the front, making it a statement color for daily wear.
Kahlua Blast
Kandy Brown-LR is a mixture of warm light brown and dark rich brown tones. It's natural long shadow roots compliment this trendy, realistic appearance.
Kandy Brown-LR
Lavender Blush-R has a dark chocolate root running into a lavender silver and iced mauve color. There is no wonder this violety vixen has been such a big hit.
Lavender Blush-R
Our light chocolate color brings dynamic dimensions as it is created with a warm, coppery light brown. One of our year-round favorites, it's suitable for all occasions for a soft, natural look.
Light Chocolate
Lila Cloud is a smoky fused lilac tone. The pure, warm and silky purple color provides an elegant appearance.
Lilac Cloud
Lilac Silver-R has a hint of soft lilac tone that's added to the base transitional silver color (light to medium grey). The dark root tone creates a trendy, fun vibe.
Lilac Silver-R
Lunar Haze is a smoky fused periwinkle base with off-black roots. Illuminating, smooth tone gives a stylish appearance.
Lunar Haze
The warm rich ombre of the macadamia brown roots blend through into soft, golden blond and walnut cream slices. With a luxury, velvet finish, Macadamia-LR looks great in long and mid length styles.
Maple Frost is a stunning new color is beautiful a mid brown with a slight chocolate brown root and has an array of highlights and lowlights of both warm maple blonds and toffee shades with frosty undertones.
Maple Frost
This light, warm medium brown base with warm medium blond highlights is suitable for those who prefer either brown or blond tones. You don't have to wonder who has more fun with this gorgeous color!
Maple Sugar
This dreamy color showcases a light, warm medium brown base with warm medium blond highlights. Warm, dark brown roots create any type of realistic length and style, making Maple Sugar-R a showstopper!
Maple Sugar-R
Marble Brown is an all-purpose, dependable brown tone. It's a perfect mixture of warm dark brown and medium golden blond, creating a realistic yet stylish appearance.
Marble Brown
Marble Brown-LR is a long rooted beauty that combines the perfect mixture of warm dark brown and medium golden blond. Long, warm dark brown roots add a sophisticated finish.
Marble Brown-LR
Marble Brown-R is the perfect mixture of a warm dark brown and medium golden blond. Warm, dark brown roots added for a natural shadowed effect create a warm, but defining look.
Marble Brown-R
Marigold is a toffee toned blond, that is wonderful in any style it comes in. This pale golden blond with finely woven creamy highlights, is a real head turner!
Mauve Berry is a smoky fused pale violet base with medium brown roots. This cool, trendy tone blends with and enhances any skin tone.
Mauve Berry
This cool-toned medium brown is a perfect fusion for both brown and blond enthusiasts. Medium Brown is a beautiful blend of both worlds - an ageless classic.
Medium Brown
Medium Natural Brown has a neutral medium brown tone. This sleek, natural color is sure to be a daily go-to.
Medium Natural Brown
Melted Caramel is an ombre color that effortlessly begins with a warm and rich brown root that melts into golden caramel blond and natural medium blond tips.
Melted Caramel
Melted Cinnamon is a medium-brown root tone that melts into the cinnamon blond base color. It's then topped off with icy blond ends.
Melted Cinnamon
Melted Coconut has a dark rich brown root with soft golden medium brown at middle and warm white ends. A beautiful, but natural looking blend!
Melted Coconut
Melted Marshmallow is a super, sophisticated blend of blond works beautifully with every skin tone as it is a marriage of both warm and ash blonds. Starting from a rich dark blond and melting into warm toffee tones and stunning coconut ash blond tips.
Melted Marshmallow
A color made of a trio of brilliant blue shades. All melting together from the darkest into the lightest. Starting from a dark sapphire blue blending into capri blue and sky blue tones and finally finishing into graphite white and the palest pastel blues. Melted Ocean is a true work of art!
Melted Ocean
Melted plum is a very intelligent color! It has dark amethyst stretch roots that blend into medium vibrant violets and finish to pale lavender blond ends. This suits all……. super, vivid and chic!
Melted Plum

Melted Sunset has been an extremely popular and beautiful color. Similar to melted marshmallow but much, much warmer and golden. Starting with dark golden pearl brown flowing into medium amber blonds with a saffron sizzle and bright gold sunbeam blonds on the ends and tips.

Melted Sunset
Intriguing, brave, bold and beautiful are just a few words that spring to mind when we think of Midnight Iris. This aubergine color has hues of lavender, violet, mauve and periwinkle. In different lights, different shades will be revealed and many of these colors will pop. Midnight Iris is real statement piece and one of our high heat colors!
Midnight Iris
Midnight Stone is a smoky fused gray stone base with off-black roots. This cool, unique and stunning gray gives a lush appearance that enhances any style with a beauty boost.
Midnight Stone
Midnite Pearl is an on-trend blend of our Cappucino-base, with a mix of silvery white highlights. Make a daily fashion statement with these well-balanced highlights.
Midnite Pearl
Milk Tea-LR is a trendy mixture of warm light brown with a hint of pastel lavender. Medium brown long roots are added to create a vibrant, unique effect.
Milk Tea-LR
Milky Opal-R is a real showstopper! A gorgeous, rooted blond with a mid-warm brown root which transcends beautifully into the expertly woven cream and white blonds with a deeper tone running throughout the bottom and has a subtle opal hue.
Milky Opal-R
Mocha Brown has a soft, warm dark brown base with ashy light brown highlights. These sectional highlights at the face and nape create a totally mesmerizing look.
Mocha Brown
A tasteful hybrid blond! Blended from a warm medium biscuit, beige brown, graduating into cream slices and golden blondes, with undertones of velvety toffee running throughout. Mocha-H is a very classy color!
Mocha Truffle is a high heat color with a beautiful mid beige brown base color that boasts creamy mocha blond highlights. This stunning array of shades makes Mocha Truffle an exciting and natural new color.
Mocha Truffle
Mochaccino is a rich medium warm blond. The color has highlights of cream and icy coconut with a slight undertone of chocolate. This color is natural looking with an intelligently, placed, blended regrowth making this color so irresistible!
The ombre sister of Mochaccino-LR with a stretched root of rich milk chocolate color. The stretch root graduates into creamy blonds and icy coconuts with caramel undertones.
This rooted dark blond color has highlights of cream and icy coconut with a slight undertone of chocolate. Mochaccino-R is natural looking with a regrowth, making this color so irresistible!
A dark brown rooted color blending into chestnut and deep copper tones, with flecks of creamy golden fine blonds. Simply stunning and very wearable. Molten Amber oozes class and is a high heat color.
Molten Amber
Moonlight Blonde-LR is a perfect mixture of a rooted warm medium blond and cool light blond. The medium brown ombre achieves a modern, final touch.
Moonlight Blonde-LR
Moonlight Blonde Root is the perfect mixture of warm medium blond and cool light blond. The medium brown roots provide a natural burst of color, that's both defined and classy!
Moonlight Blonde Root
This blend of cool white silver gray and creamy white gray tones is our Moonstone color. The subtle, refined beauty of this color palette is completed with the addition of natural dark brown roots. An excellent choice for those that want a fashion-forward, dreamy look!
Mulberry Brown is a decadent dark rich red brown. Tones of rich dark summer berries run throughout the hair color. This is stunning, shinny, classy and very wearable.
Mulberry Brown
Natural Blond Root features a light cool blond with a hint of medium warm blond. A soft, lighter root tone creates a natural appearance.
Natural Blond Root
The darkest of our high heat shades, Nocturnal is an espresso colored tone that is striking. It has a wonderful natural healthy shine and is bold and beautiful. This lovely dark shade is captivating.
This scrumptious rooted nutmeg blond with medium golden rooted base, blends into blond cream tones, warm coconut and honey slices. Nutmeg-F is classy and defined!
This scrumptious rooted nutmeg blond with medium golden rooted base, blends into blond cream tones, warm coconut and honey slices. Nutmeg-R is classy and defined!
A cool pale pastel blue with hues of white. This Pastel Blue-R color has the palest of mineral blue highlights and silver shadows graduating from a dark blue sapphire root giving depth and definition.
Pastel Blue-R
WOW! This stunning super light pastel pink is astonishing, with delicate tones of marshmallow and candy coral giving this pinky platinum the edge! Pastel Pink is a much loved masterpiece.
Pastel Pink
At first glance, this looks like a brilliant medium brown rooted blond, then it pops like a concerto of colored sunbeams with the palest of peaches, limes and lilac pinks. Pastel Rainbow-R is full of surprises.
Pastel Rainbow-R
Peach Gold is a pure, warm light blond tone with blends of warm pink blond. A perfect mixture of peach-pink and blond tones add zest to any style.
Peach Gold
A rooted classy medium blond with pearl beige slices and tones of medium warm peanut butter slices and honeysuckle blonds. Peanut Butter Swirl is a deliciously warm color!
Peanut Butter Swirl
Our Pecan color is delightful mixture of warm medium brown and ashy medium brown. With both tones of brown, it's an excellent color choice for any length and style.
Pecan Brown is a stunning blend of cool medium brown and light ashy blond. This color can be a good substitute tone for grey for those who want to venture out!
Pecan Brown
Platinum pearl is a beautiful blond color with extremely fine traces of white highlights. It is a clean, crisp, pearlescent blond. Platinum Pearl is so strikingly sexy!
Platinum Pearl
WOW! This rooted vibrant master piece is wickedly stunning. Plum Dandy has a dark brown root that contrasts into a punchy plumb, red violet and raspberry rouges. This red is seductive and gorgeous and is one of our high heat colors.
Plum Dandy
The longer rooted sister of Plumberry Jam-R has been a huge hit. The long dark intense burgundy ombre graduates into a bright rich violet purple with a fuchsia hue. Looks delicious in long and mid length styles.
Plumberry Jam-LR
This rooted powerful plum has a dark intense burgundy based regrowth followed by a bright rich violet purple with fuchsia hues. This color crosses over into almost any style. Plumberry Jam-R is such a statement piece!
Plumberry Jam-R
Polar Sky is a smoky fused soft sky-blue tone. This soft, cool and stunning blue color refreshes any skin tone and makes it glow.
Polar Sky
This beautiful hybrant red has a dark raisin brown blended root with slices of pinky tones running throughout. The creamy cedar slices and smoky peach highlights complement this multi toned red. Raisin Glaze-H is so beautiful!
Raisin Glaze-H
The non rooted version of Razberry Ice-R is flattering and beautiful! A dark raspberry brown base with scattered highlights of dark copper and ash pearl medium blond and rouge undertones. Razberry Ice is a much loved favorite.
Razberry Ice
Razberry Ice-LR has a long dark raspberry regrowth with a blend of dark copper and ash pearl medium blond highlights. This color features an impressive range of tones that will certainly stand out.
Razberry Ice-LR
The rooted sister of Razberry Ice has a dark berry regrowth and a dark raspberry brown base with scattered highlights of dark copper and ash pearl medium blond with rouge undertones. The root allows for more definition and depth in your chosen style.
Razberry Ice-R
Red Brown is a natural blend of warm rich brown and reddish brown. The tone appears as a subtle reddish shade on a beautiful brown base, which is a great choice for both red and brown enthusiasts.
Red Brown
This dark red brown has red spicy deep scarlet tones and the finest tiny espresso lowlights. Red Pepper is a beautiful deep red color, that is very flattering on most skin tones.
Red Pepper
A rooted blond bomb shell with hints of rose and hues of peachy coral. Rose Gold-R's regrowth is a medium to dark golden brown and blends into the rose gold blond. Looks great in any styles and adds a gorgeous glow to your skin!
Rose Gold-R
This color will have your friends green with envy! Royal Emerald has a cool dark root shattering into a bluey green, oceanic color you could dive into. This bang on-trend tone, feels precious and expensive like a gemstone, not for the faint-hearted, Royal Emerald continues to wow people all over the globe. It is one of our high heat colors.
Royal Emerald
This lusciously, lovely blend of color, blends from a deep, dark, garnet brown base. Blending into an array of ribbon highlights, which consist of medium hazel blonds and medium mahogany red browns.
Rum Raisin
Rusty Red is a tricolored blend of luscious reds, browns and subtle dark blonds. This beautiful combination is sure to flatter both warm and cool skin tones. A gorgeous choice for anyone looking for a natural red color!
Rusty Red
Sandalwood-H is a rooted color that has bags of class and is simply amazing. Different lights and undertones of sherry toffee, creamy blond and golden blonds give it the most natural of looks. Sandalwood-H is a color dream.
The color Sandy Blond-R has made a huge comeback. This is a stunning shade with a darker blond root which is blended to perfection. It is a blond which is full of multi-tonal shades of cream, honey, ash, and toffee. The colors is flattering, suits many skin tones and is a very classy shade.
Sandy Blond-R
Sandy Mink is a medium cool brown root at the base, followed by cool cream blonds. It has very fine weaves of sandy tones with a truffle hue, making it an elegant and classy multi-toned color.
Sandy Mink
This gray tone is a warm, medium brown base with a mix of silvery white highlights. The color gradually goes from lighter at front to darker at nape. This color is perfect for those that love a gray color mixed with brown for a modern look!
Sandy Silver
Satin Pearl is a breathtaking, highly fashionable tone with a very light blond shade, expertly woven with cream, ice blond, and pearlescent highlights.
Satin Pearl
This beige brown rooted color is captivating. The root seamlessly smudges into a pale peppermint green with hints of blue jade. Shiny and sophisticated! Watch out for Seaglass-R is such a show stopper.
Seashell Blond-R is a beautiful mixture of cool white blond and creamy white tones combined with a soft brown root. The result is both natural and fashion forward.
Seashell Blond-R
A wonderful display of tone. Sepia has the finest weaves of color, boasting tones of gold, chestnut, toasted toffee and amber shades. It is a complementary color that will accentuate all your best features and it is one of our high heat colors.
Shaded Amber is one of those colors which you will fall in love with immediately! A dark amber brown root regrowth and adorable toned slices of copper blond and paprika. Just astonishing!
Shaded Amber
Shadowed Custard, this gorgeous medium toffee rooted blond is packed full of weaves of custard cream slices and caramel undertones. We love Shadowed Custard!
Shadowed Custard
Silver Brown-MR, which stands for Micro Root, has a very small regrowth which transcends into the silver, grey and honey brown tones. This beautiful color has the ability to look very natural and fashionable all at the same time.
Silver Brown-MR
Silver Frost mixes silvery white and creamy white and features well-balanced white highlights in front. This refined gray is sure to deliver a stunning impact.
Silver Frost
Silver Mink is a cool gray that reminisces of a glistening ice wonderland. With a warm gray base and cool bright highlights, it's both natural and modern.
Silver Mink
This super sophisticated fashion color will blow your mind! A job which would take hours in the salon, this color is tone on tone perfection. A cold dark regrowth root followed by a smoky grey. Full of different hues of white, silver, ivory and ice, a monochromatic masterpiece which brings any style to life, Silver mist is so cool and it is one of our high heat colors.
Silver Mist

This is color is a must-have silver tone. Silver Stone is natural and realistic with gradation starting as a silvery white and ends as a dark salt-and-pepper tone at the nape. Effortless beauty is achieved with this color!

Silver Stone
Silver Stone-R is a rooted version of our color Silver Stone. This color features a white silver tone front, silver and soft brown colors in middle, and dark brown mixed with silver nape. The dark brown root finishes this color off to create a tone that can work for all ages.
Silver Stone-R
Simply White is a rootless simple, refined, pure white tone. This shade is beautiful for any age and can enhance any skin tone.
Simply White
Smoke Ivory has a mid cool beige brown root that is softly blended into the sublime finely woven white, platinum, ivory and smoked ivory strands. These then transcend into white tipped ends.
Smoke Ivory
Smoky Forest is fused forest green with off-black roots. This alluring color palette adds an adventurous glow to any style.
Smoky Forest
Smoky Gray-R has a cool silver gray base with a fusion of lavender and clear blue streaks. This stunning color palette is infused with a mixture of blue-black roots. Trend-driven, innovative silver gray is a futuristic look sure to be memorable.
Smoky Gray-R
Snowy Sapphire features a smoky combination tone of soft black root with a silver white base. We mixed in a hint of soft blue for a stunning, classy look.
Snowy Sapphire-R
Spring Honey is shade darker than Strawberry Swirl. Spring Honey is a mix of blonde shades blended to create this fantastically sliced medium to light textured blond.
Spring Honey
Spring Honey-LR creates a natural regrowth with a medium gold honey brown root combined with a mixture of white blonde highlights and strawberry blonds. This beautiful ombre look warms the skin and complements any look!
Spring Honey-LR
This is the rooted regrowth version of Spring Honey. Regrowth makes this look very natural and the root tone is a medium gold honey brown. There is a mix of white blonde highlights and strawberry blonds. Complemented with medium velvet brown undertones.
Spring Honey-R
Spring Honey-T
Starlight Blonde is a fresh ray of sunshine as it creates a dynamic blend of medium and bright blond colors. If you're looking to make a statement, this warm, gorgeous hue will be sure to shine!
Starlight Blonde
Strawberry Blond is the perfect choice if you’re searching for a soft beautiful warm blond with subtle fine woven lowlights and highlights. It’s also easy to wear and adds warmth to the skin tone, a striking dimensional red blond with a natural blended look.
Strawberry Blond
This sassy Strawberry Blond is a combination of white blond highlights and rose gold. It is one of our lightest tones which has the prettiest of pinkish hues and a mix of our finest blond shades.
Strawberry Swirl
A medium blonde base with burnt toffee, caramelized sugar lowlights and dusty blonde highlights. Sugar Cane is a clean, fresh blond.
Sugar Cane
This darkish brown toffee rooted color keeps your wig looking on trend and realistic! Flowing into a honey blond with burnt toffee, caramelized sugar lowlights and dusty blonde highlights. Sugar Cane-R is especially natural and alluring!
Sugar Cane-R
Sugar Cookie is almost edible! This is a creamy blond color with thick ribbon weaves of toasted biscuit, honey blonds and porcelain whites all running through. Sugar Cookie is a very popular, beautiful, flattering blond.
Sugar Cookie
Summer Blond is a sublime golden summer blond with a blend of lighter blond and warm honey blond. While it is an amazing color for summer, it can be worn all year long!
Summer Blond
A medium brown rooted color which is highlighted throughout the blonds. Sunkiss has a variety of warm shades, blends of honey gold and Tuscan sun, this is very uplifting and elegant. Sunkiss is a popular choice for all ages and all skin tones and is one of our high heat colors.
Sunlit Sand has a dark blond base with a rich honey tone, that boast flecks of gold and gradually gets lighter towards the ends. This color is a masterpiece of blended blonds.
Sunlit Sand
A textured mix of the palest ash blonds and natural wicker shades woven together with lowlights of dark beige browns. Sunny Blond suits any styles and skin tone.
Sunny Blond
This warm deep coffee rooted color develops into a nutmeg and creamy toffee blond of chunky slices. Sunny Spice is an irresistible color and a popular choice that suits most skin tones.
Sunny Spice
A mulit-tonal hybrant red with a dark red brown paprika regrowth, boasts a lovely selection of chocolate, henna, amber blond and terracotta weaves running through this super special shade. Terracotta-H is extremely flattering and works with your individual skin tone.
Toasted Brown is a blend of our Cappucino color and warm copper brown highlights. These colors are combined to form a strikingly beautiful brown. Create a dependable color resource for daily styles with Toasted Brown!
Toasted Brown
Toasted Shine is a wonderfully toned blend of caramel and toffee with creamy vanilla slices. This multi-tonal masterpiece and intelligent blend of shades will suit most skin tones and is packed full of delicious highlights to glimmer and shine in the light.
Toasted Shine
Toffee Brown perfectly blends a dark brown beautiful base with warm medium and light brown highlights. If you're looking for a natural, sun-kissed brunette look, this is the one for you!
Toffee Brown
Tomato Bisque is a very interesting red, starting from a rich teak base with lots of different tones woven throughout. From cherry reds to blood orange this tomato toned red is a knockout.
Tomato Bisque
Truffle Brown-LR is a long rooted neutral medium-brown tone, softly blended with light ash blond. The long root creates a very subtle ombre effect.
Truffle Brown-LR
Truffle Brown-R is a neutral medium-brown tone, softly blended with light ash blond. The root creates a dimensional effect. 
Truffle Brown-R
Vanilla Bean is a beam of sunshine blond that encompasses both warm medium blond tones and cool bright blond highlights. This dreamy look is deliciously chic!
Vanilla Bean
Vanilla Lush is an expensive and classy light blond! Displays creamy slices and vanilla slices with a slight apricot hue making this color feel warm. Suits any skin tone!
Vanilla Lush
With a warm brown blended with cool medium brown, Walnut is truly wonderful combination of these two tones. This blend creates a chic daily look that can dress up any style!
Stand out with Watermelon-R which has a rich pastel pink base with subtle soft reddish tone. The root is soft dark brown for a natural finish. It's a head-turner, that's for sure!
White Rose Blond-R is a white blond base with subtle warm brown highlights. The medium-brown root creates a vibrant appearance.
White Rose Blond-R
10-12 is a Human Hair color that is a mix of peachy blonds and reds delicately blended for a classy and flattering finish.
10-12SH25 is a rooted Human Hair color that is both bold and beautiful, with a dark brown regrowth melting into apricot blonds and porcelain creamy waved blondes giving a magnificent tone on tone color.
10-27 is a Human Hair color that is super classy human hair color is very feminine a rich warm shade that has tones of terracotta and truffle tones blending throughout this beautiful toffee blond color.
10R14-26 is a Human Hair with a cool velvet blond base and peachy cream blond overtones and subtle flecks of coconut blonds.
12-14-16 is our Human Hair color with very soft cream blond slices and warm honey blonds blended with a gentle pale apricot hue. This stunning shade will flatter your skin tone, and we can see why this is a very popular choice.
2 is our Human Hair color that is the darkest shade within our human hair range, the darkest espresso brown with bags of shine gives a breathtaking brunette color that has a multitude of dark shades running throughout.
2-4 is our Human Hair color that is cool and classy, an espresso based color that has a stunning depth of warmth and a dark red hue and finely weaved dark red slices.
2-4SH8 is our Human Hair color with a rich dark chocolate root that features warm, rusty red tones and copper undertones, gives depth and warmth to the skin tone.
213F is our Human Hair color that blends a medium peach blond with a cool bright blond highlight.
39 is our Human Hair color with an ashy shade has a gentle scatter of light brown shades and lowlights of cool blonds all growing from a light to medium brown base.
4 is our Human Hair color shade and a beautiful brunette but not as dark as 2. It still gives a stunning depth and a rich smoky warmth which flatters the skin tone.
4-6 is our Human Hair color is a decadent deep chocolate based color with burnt toffee highlights and medium velvet brown lowlights.
4-6SH28 is our Human Hair color that boasts a long stretchered rooted ombre, fashion forward and fabulous a medium auburn brown base blending into toffee and peach tones, pale copper red and blond highlights towards the ends.
404 is our aqua and white printed turban color that has a sophisticated cools summer vibe.
4R30-33 is our Human Hair color that has a deep coffee brown base with a warm crimson undertone with flashes of ultra-fine subtle highlights that give this shade maximum shine.
51 is our Human Hair color with a medium gray base and stunning steely silver high lights; extremely natural and very classy.
56 is our Human Hair color with a decadent gray shade graduating from a light gray base with sparkling finely weaved silver gray highlights.
6-8-10 is our Human Hair color that features the most delicious warm truffle dark brown base with a medium rich red and a blend of highlights that flatters the skin tone.
6-8SH30 is a Human Hair color blending from a cool beige dark brown base with an auburn brown undertone and has a stunning shine in the light.
Our color 60 is a delicate, pure white tone. It's a timeless color for fashion enthusiasts of all generations.
614R is a Human Hair color with a dark chocolate regrowth root making the shade look very natural, this shade has a mesh of honey and toffee blonds weaved through with ribbons of ivory making this on trend color magical.
637 is a Human Hair with a dark brown based color blending into medium sized weaves of red coppery high and low lights with flecks of apricot and gun metal blondes.
731 is a Human Hair color that boasts a burgundy base this rich color is both classy and bold with hues of cheery red and copper.
8 is Human Hair color that is a medium wheat rich brown that has undertones of red, paprika and chocolaty hues producing a gorgeous shade.
8-14 is a Human Hair color with a medium to light brown base blending into light brown and burnt toffee highlights with truffle tones a sassy velvet shade.
8-32 is a Human Hair color that is both warm, rich and classy starting from a medium brown base with a gentle beige hues und undertones of dark treacle and chili espresso highlights and super fine caramel slices.
801 is a Human Hair color with a deep dark brown base with cream caramel brown and blond tones scattering finely through the color, weaved to perfection.
830 is a Human Hair color that will suit all ages and skin tones, a medium copper brown base with truffle blond highlights and cinder toffee undertones.
8R10 is a Human Hair ombre color with a long rooted ombre, with a dark brown root graduating into medium gold highlights, an exquisite color and very flattering.
8R14-25 is a Human Hair color with a dark brown rooted base, blending into medium and light blond highlights that is classy cool and sophisticated.
8R27-30 is a Human Hair color with a dark brown root, beautifully blended into milk chocolate tones and toffee rich subtle weaved tones.
9-28-25 is a Human Hair that is a multi-tonal masterpiece, all stating from a dark coffee brown base with auburn red highlights and coco ivory blond slices and vanilla cream blonds, simply stunning.

Christine Headwear Fabrics

Bamboo Leaves Print 404
Black 211
Black 517
Black Blue 440
Black Brown 395
Black Iris 555
Black Iris 655
Black with White Squares 228
Blooming Season 641
Blue 168
Blue Black 394
Blue Melange 391
Blue with Sequins 354
Brown 167
Brown Green 338
Brown Melange 84
Caramel Dreams 695
Cerise 254
Coral Print 408
Dark Blue 255
Dark Blue 382
Dark Blue 383
Dark Blue Light Lilac 653
Dark Brown 265
Dark Charcoal Grey 374
Dark Grey 522
Dark Grey Melange 625
Dark Tan 396
Deep Green 505
Dusty Brown 318
Dusty Navy 319
Flinstone 499
Fuchsia 174
Graphic Zebra 694
Grey 715
Grey Brown 253
Grey Melange 169
Grey Melange 486
Indian Mood 542
Indian Taube 668
Kaleidoscope 523
Lavender Grey 609
Lavender with Print Leo 596
Legion Blue 554
Light Lilac 171
Light Tan 248
Magnolia Beige 436
Magnolia Blue 437
Medium Tan 249
Melange 502
Navy Blue 385
Ocean Blue 295
Olive Green 556
Opal Grey 279
Oriental Flowers 592
Painted Leo 593
Paisley 506
Palm Leaves 630
Pixelated Poppies 594
Purple 213
Raisin 552
Raspberry Red 244
Red 361
Rococo Lace 664
Rose Melange 320
Snake 768
Spandex 559
Stretchy Blue 662
Striped Leopard 650
Summer Lemons 646
Tulip and Snake 731
Twirls and Splashes 677
Vintage Khaki 553
White 714
Wild Dove 656
Woodrose 551
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