Is our solution for those looking for great styles, colors, and quality in High End Human Hair with an Italian flair. Experience, innovation and Italian taste for fashion produce a Natural Line brand in constant evolution, which offers exceptional wigs with a highly accurate design. Quality is the most important aspect of wig making, and it is guaranteed by their competence and experience in the careful selection of natural hair. Fair Fashion has been offering, since 1975, true handcrafted custom-made wigs designed and tailored for women who need to wear a wig for long periods of time. With a wide range of caps and styles this medium to high end line is designed to meet your needs. Fair Fashion is focused on the development and production of not just ordinary wigs and hairpieces but rather on trying to find valid solutions.

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See more about our new human hair wig styles: Sarah, Emily, Dominique, Guilia and Lori, as well as our new human hair wig colors: 830 , 8/14, 8R14/25, 801 and 6/8SH30 in our Fair Fashion Collection 2020 Catalog!



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Join us behind-the-scenes and see these amazing styles come to life!
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