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Favorite Wigs for Alopecia

Pia’s Story

Pia, or @rockinlockss on Instagram, has Alopecia Universalis and has been wearing wig for several years. In the last few years she started to enjoy changing her hairstyle every day. At the beginning, the whole world of wigs can be overwhelming as you have to deal with hair loss which in itself can be very traumatic, but you also have to rapidly learn so many new words and wig features such as cap construction, wig hair type, color codes, and so much more. And then there is the thousands of possibilities of all those put together. But once you get past the beginning phase and you start to become familiar with all the new words, wig wearing can be a lot of fun! 

Favorite Wigs for Alopecia

Some of Pia’s favorite wig styles are our Ryder wig in Mulberry Brown, Zion in Melted Plum, Tatum in Toasted Brown, Evanna in Pastel Blue-R, Layla in Milk Teal-LR, Zion in Melted Marshmallow and Evanna in Marble Brown-LR. 

Hopefully Pia’s story will encourage you to start having a little bit more fun with your hair loss journey!

To see these wigs on Pia, please watch the video below.


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