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When to Buy a New Wig

Abby Andrew, our Alopecia Ambassador, discusses how you will know you need to buy a new wig, especially, synthetic wigs, as they typically have a lifespan of 4-6 months if being worn everyday. In the video below, Abby shows the quality and looks of brand new wigs, like Angelica wig in Melted Plum from Noriko Collection, wigs that can be revived with product, and those that are past their time and are ready for replacements. Before it’s time to replace a wig, Abby will also showcase all of the best ways to keep your wig looking silky and new. 


It’s important to have synthetic wig products to maintain your synthetic wig.

  • BRUSH IT: You will need a wig brush and the Rene of Paris Collection has a great folding brush that is collapsible and great for when you’re on-the-go.
  • CLEAN IT WITH THE RIGHT KIND OF PRODUCTS: Synthetic wigs need synthetic shampoos and conditioners and Rene of Paris has their own custom line that are extremely effective. 
  • REVIVE IT: Use special synthetic wig products like the Revive Liquid Enhancement by Rene of Paris that can help with reducing static, maintaining curls & waves, and giving your wig a more shiny texture. 
    • Abby has a few duplicate wigs in her collection so she can show the clear differences of what happens to a wig over time. 
      • She demonstrates the REVIVE process with her Angelica wig in Plumberry Jam-LR from the Noriko Collection that’s a few years old and brushes, washes, and revives it to show the clear improvements in flow, texture, and shine. 
      • She shows the REVIVE process on two Steve wigs; Stevie wig in Vanilla Lush (1-year-old) and Stevie wig in Chocolate Latte (8-years-old).
      • She shows the REVIVE process with two Madelyn wigs including Madelyn wig in red Crimson-LR that’s revivable after a good brush, wash, and revive spray. 


  • FRAYED ENDS: When you wear a wig often, the ends still start to fray from the friction with clothing. 
    • NOTE: With longer wigs, when the ends start to fray, you have the option to visit a certified wig stylist and specialist that can trim and style the wig for you. We do not recommend trimming the wig yourself as you may cause more damage to the wig. 
  • NO FLOW IN WIG: A wig becomes very stiff and difficult to brush your hands through. 
    • NOTE: If after brushing, washing, and spraying your with the recommended products doesn’t help, it’s a good indicator that the wig is no longer in a good condition to wear. 

See Abby show off these signs to look for in this video below.

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