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Are Synthetic or Human Hair Wigs Better?

Our Alopecia Ambassador, Abby Andrew, reviews all wigs from the perspective of someone who deals with hair loss from Alopecia and has been wearing wigs almost daily, and compares synthetic vs. human hair wigs. She debunks the common misconception that by-default human hair wigs are better than synthetic wigs, and reviews the benefits and functionality of wigs that help individuals find the right wig for them. 



A pivotal benefit of synthetic wigs is their ability to retain their style with low upkeep so wavy wigs remain wavy, and straight wigs remain straight. Abby is partial to synthetic wigs as they’re easier to manage with less need for styling and enjoys wearing them regularly such as the Hayden Wig in Rose Gold-R (Amore Collection). After washes, they maintain their shape and are highly recommended if you do not know how to style hair. It’s important to note that if a wig is not heat-friendly synthetic, you cannot use heat tools or you risk causing damage. There are heat-friendly synthetic wigs, but be mindful that there is a heat limit so use low heat as possible to achieve the style. There are many other ways to style a hair without heat, from ponytails, to putting in braids, there are ample creative methods to style the wig without risking damage. 


Synthetic wigs are typically a lower cost point so with more affordable wigs, you can opt to build out your collection with multiple affordable synthetic wigs over an expensive human hair wig. 


Synthetic wigs typically come in an array of fun, vibrant colors whereas human hair wigs tend to be in more natural-looking colors. One example of one of Abby’s favorites is Breezy Wavez Wig in Dusty Rose (Rene of Paris Muse Collection) which is heat-friendly, and the vibrant blue Posh Wig in Aqua Paradise (Orchid Collection).



One example of a human hair wig that Abby likes is the Dominique Wig 8R14-25 Color (Fair Fashion Collection) with a lace front. This beautiful golden blonde wig can be styled the same way you would with human hair, so can be straight and curled with heating tools and save spaces in your suitcase while traveling. Keep in mind that human hair wigs do act like human hair, so in conditions such as humidity and rain, the wig might become frizzy or lose any curls that might have been added in.


On average, human hair wigs are durable and are made to last at least a few years, whereas a frequently worn synthetic wig has a 4-6 months lifespan. Abby has a large synthetic wig selection and tends to switch them out regularly so they have a greater longevity. On the flipside, with a longer lifespan, human hair wigs also require more maintenance and upkeep.

Please browse through our website to view our synthetic styles in our Rene of Paris, Noriko, Amore, Orchid and Muse Collections and human hair wigs in our Fair Fashion Collection!

To see Abby show these wig styles, please view the video below!
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