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BosleyMD Hair Loss Prevention Treatments

Our Senior Stylist and Beauty Expert, Alexander Turnbull, from Rene of Paris and Aderans discusses BosleyMD (previously known as Bosley Professional Hair and Scalp) Hair Loss Prevention Treatments. From his experience as a trichologist and running a hair loss clinic in his salon, Turnbull is an expert on all things hair loss and the products needed to energize your follicles, create a healthy scalp, and help you get the best of your hair. People lose their hair for many reasons, whether it’s from a hair-loss related illness, stress, poor diet, genetics, or an autoimmune condition, but there are treatments that are here to help. If you are unsure of where to begin on your hair regrowth journey, it’s suggested you consult with your doctor first. 

BOSLEY PROFESSIONAL STRENGTH – Healthy Hair Strengthening Masque

Following a shampoo rinse, it’s suggested to use the Bosley Professional Strength Healthy Hair Strengthening Masque once or twice a week to nourish the hair, detoxify the scalp, and give the hair a shiny boost. It’s for color-treated hair and Alexander’s wife has seen firsthand amazing, nourishing results. 

BOSLEY PROFESSIONAL STRENGTH – Hair Regrowth Treatment – 5% Minoxidil

There are two Minoxidil products, 5% and 2%, but the stronger 5% is suggested for men with its stronger DHT inhibitor products like salt palmetto, sage extract, copper peptide. Minoxidil was created many years ago with the original intention of treating high blood pressure, but discovered the beneficial side effect of hair growth and was developed into this potent clinically-proven hair product. The bottles come in a 2-month supply and you will use the pipette to gently drip the product into targeted areas of scalp and massage thoroughly. Your scalp will have a tingly sensation as a result of the active ingredients and is a clear indication the product is taking into effect.  


For the new hairs that are growing in and are a bit wiry, this is the product to nourish them. The Bosley Healthy Hair Follicle Nourish is a primer and leave-in conditioner that you can use independently of the Minoxidil, and use to nourish the follicles with natural DHT inhibitors and clarify the scalp to give your hair the best possible environment to grow. 


The Bosley Healthy Hair Rebalancing and Finishing Treatment is full of rich, clinically-proven nutrients like argan oil, moala oil, and burdock root oils, to give you a healthy scalp and promote healthy hair growth. It’s a treatment product that can also be used as a styling tool, especially great with putting at the ends of long hair when blow drying. 


Alexander’s personal favorite is the Bosley Follicle Energizer, which is just that, a product used to target follicles that need an extra boost of growth. You will gently massage directly to your scalp and see amazing results, typically in 3-6 months. It’s full of rich ingredients like sage extract, an anti-inflammatory, to smooth the scalp. 

BOSLEY PROFESSIONAL STRENGTH – Healthy Hair Vitality Supplements for Women (Red Packaging) + BOSLEY PROFESSIONAL STRENGTH – Healthy Hair Vitality Supplements for Men (Blue Packaging)

The Bosley Professional Strength Healthy Hair Vitality Supplements are for daily use, twice a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. Alexander suggests keeping them near your toothbrush as an easy reminder in your daily routine. They are dietary supplements, meaning when you are deficient of the vitamins you need like Iron and Vitamin D from fruits, vegetables, and oily fish, these supplements will give you everything you need in tablet form. The Health Hair Vitality Supplements for Men have DHT inhibitors to block more progressed hair thinning hormones.

Please see more about our Bosley products on our Bosley product page!

See Alexander walk through these products and how to apply them in the video below.


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