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Hair Loss Story: Amber (@fabricatingfringe)

Hair Loss Story: Amber (@fabricatingfringe)

Everyone has a different story on how they started wearing wigs – sometimes it’s due to chemo therapy, medical hair loss, thinning hair, Alopecia, and many other medical reasons. Other times it might be because someone has thin hair or simply would prefer a different look! Regardless of the reason, it can be helpful to hear other people’s journey to know we aren’t alone.

Amber, known as @fabricatingfringe on social media, is a regular wig wearer. She has always had thin and fine hair due to genetics, but started losing hair due to weight loss, weight gain, hormones and postpartum shedding. When someone already has thin hair, losing hair can be very difficult! Amber was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata and when she discovered alternative hair, it really made her feel like she had options!

It took several years for her to open up about wearing wigs to others, contributing Instagram to help with that process. While it might have been daunting to let people know in the beginning, for some it can be liberating and healing to let people know that they are wearing wigs. Opening up about her decision to wear wigs allowed her to feel more comfortable wearing different colors and styles of wigs!

Amber feels like wearing alternative hair helps her feel more confident and beautiful, and also allows for her to spend more time with her family due to the convenience of synthetic wigs and how they are ready to go right away! With so many options in style, color, cap construction and types of wigs (full wigs, toppers, etc) there really is something for everyone.

Here at Rene of Paris and Aderans we believe you are beautiful both ways – with and without wigs, with hair or without! If you chose to wear wigs, we’re here for you!

To see more about Amber’s hair loss, Alopecia and wig journey and the way she does her everyday makeup look with Alopecia, watch the video below!

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