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How to Maintain Curls and Waves in Wigs


If you like to wear curly or wavy wigs, then you’ll want to make sure you know how to maintain the waves and curls in your wigs! Caring for a curly synthetic wig and caring for a curly human hair wig will be a little bit different. One of the best parts of synthetic wigs is that they will actually hold their style without much maintenance. So if you’re someone who likes low maintenance hair, synthetic wigs would be an ideal option for you because they maintain their style over time, even if you wash it. If you have a human hair wig, you’ll need to put in more effort to maintain curls and waves, as any styling you do to it will fall out over time. Here are some tips and tricks to really help keep your curls looking nice and fresh even as you wear your wigs.


With synthetic wigs there are regular synthetic wigs and heat friendly synthetic wigs. With heat friendly synthetic wigs you will be able to use hot tools on them to modify the curl – whether you want to change the curl pattern, give it a little bit more shape or even straighten the wig entirely depending on your preference. With heat friendly synthetic wigs you want to be really careful not to damage the fiber as there is a heat limit. So always check the tag to see what that heat limit is for your high heat wig and use the lowest heat that you can to still get the effect that you’re looking for. We recommend testing the heating tool on a small piece of hair on the back of the wig, just to make sure nothing goes wrong before you work on the front of the wig.  It’s best to be super cautious as to not damage the wig even with heat friendly synthetic wigs. 


For regular synthetic wigs that are not heat friendly, there are a couple of tools that are really great to have in your collection to maintain your synthetic curly wigs. 


First, you’ll want to have the proper wig combs and brushes. Here at Rene of Paris we have a really great collection of different combs and brushes, and recommend the wide tooth combs that we have for curly or wavy wigs. With curly and wavy wigs you want to avoid going straight in and brushing them with a regular brush, because that can cause the curl to frizz. That’s why using wide tooth combs is a better method. Using a wide tooth comb, take one curl at a time and very gently detangle it. If you want to be extra careful and you feel like the wig isn’t too tangled you can use your fingers to get out the small tangles so you’re not risking brushing out the curl or causing it to frizz. 


Here at Rene of Paris we have a couple of synthetic wig products that are really great for keeping your wig looking nice and new.  They’re great for all synthetic wigs and even human hair, but they are such a game changer for curly or wavy synthetic wigs. First is the Protect Holding Spray, which works as a hairspray for your synthetic wigs, which works well for freshly finished styles. Synthetic wigs are already naturally going to hold their style but the Protect Holding Spray will keep it nice and perfect as you go throughout your day. The second is the Revive Liquid Enhancement Spray, which helps restore wigs, and the second is really great cure-all for synthetic wigs, basically it’s really great all-around product for keeping your wigs looking nice and fresh. It can help to eliminate static and also maintain a nice volume, shine and also just to help keep your style looking nice and new. With curly styles especially it also helps to minimize frizz, so once you’ve been wearing the style for a little bit and it inevitably gets a little bit of that frizz that any curly hair would get, whether its your own human hair hair or a wig, this will really help to minimize any frizz and return it back to its beautiful new style. 


There are a few ways that you can use the Revive Liquid Enhancement to maintain your curly wig styles. If you ever want to fluff up the curls a bit, but you don’t really need to do too much to the style, you can  spray a small amount in your hair and scrunch up the curls with your hands. Doing this will give the curls or waves a little bit of extra volume. If you need more definition in your curls, you can take your finger and follow the natural pattern that the curl already follows and twist it into that shape again so it gets a little bit tighter. If you’d like to reestablish a curl into a tighter shape, you can also wrap the curl after you spray it with Revive Liquid Enhancement and then use a bobby pin to pin the curl. Once the hair dries, which could be overnight, take out the bobby pins and comb through the curls, unless you want a defined curl look. You can either choose to work with your wigs on your head or work with it on a mannequin if that’s a little bit easier for you to get the curls in the back. Once you have your wig style looking the way that you’d like, you can use the Protect Holding Spray, which is like a hairspray for synthetic wigs. Spray a light mist over the whole wig holding it about ten to twelve inches away and that will give a little bit of an extra hold. 


We hope these tips were helpful in learning how to maintain your curly and wavy synthetic wig styles. If you’d like to see these techniques demonstrated, please watch the video of our Alopecia Ambassador, Abby Andrew below!

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