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How to Curl a Human Hair Wig

You can create a full range of styles with our versatile high-fashion human hair wigs! In this video tutorial, our senior stylist and beauty expert, Alexander Turnbull, shows how to get soft, gorgeous curls with a human hair wig that has heat friendly synthetic fiber. He demonstrates this technique using our Dominique wig in 6/8SH30 from our Fashion Fashion Collection. 

STEP 1: Prepare your wig

Before curling, gently brush through wig using a Rene of Paris brush.

STEP 2: Clip sections

Use a pintail comb to gently comb out sections and pin back with a clip so only a small section of hair is loose and ready to curl. 

STEP 3: Curl with a tong (curling iron)

It’s important to start at the top instead of the bottom to cause less stress to the hair. Also be sure to read the instructions on your wig to make sure your tongs, or curling iron, are at the right temperature and will not burn the hair fibers.

STEP 4: Repeat throughout the wig 

Once a section of the wig is curled, continue to the next section with your clips and tongs until the wig is completely curled. 

STEP 5: Flatten top of the wig

If the wig is laying heavy at the part, you could use the tong to flatten the hair by gently pressing the large barrel down. 

STEP 6: Brush out wig

Use a soft brush to gently brush out the wig to loosen up the curls if you like a softer look.

Watch Alexander demonstrate the technique in our video below!

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