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Types of Human Hair Cap Constructions

Our Alopecia Ambassador, Abby Andrew, shares her experience with the Fair Fashion Collection; an entirely high-end human hair line with wigs that are incredibly comfortable and natural looking, from the perspective of someone who is completely bald. There are 5 wig caps, but Abby will focus on 3; Natural Cap on Emily Wig, Sensitive Cap on Dominique Wig, Confidence Plus Cap on Mia Wig.

Natural Cap on Emily Wig (Color 8-14)

As all of these caps focus on comfort and natural looking qualities, this cap is 100% hand tied with a three-layer lace top (also known as a “French Top”), allowing the knots where the hair is hand-tied into the cap to be covered by another layer of lace so it looks incredibly natural like it’s growing out of your own scalp. Most of the wigs from the Fair Fashion Collection also have a lace front, including all of the wigs with the natural cap which allows for a very realistic hair line.

The cap has polyurethane patches by the ears and on the nape of the neck so you can add double stick tape if you want extra security, and there’s also a non-slip silicon tab on the front so it’s secure by the hair line. It is adjustable with rubber band straps on both sides of the back where you can hook into different size notches to allow you to adjust it to your head size. There’s metal in both ear tabs that enables you to actually mold the cap to your head so you can push it down for extra added security, and to help it lie flat against your head so it looks even more natural. 

The Emily Wig (Color 8-14) is a beautiful, natural looking and soft wig with a color that’s somewhere in between a light brunette and a dirty blonde. You still want to be very careful to not use extremely high heat on your wigs, but it’s nice to have that option to style. The cap is very realistic, with a natural looking part and lace front that allows you to adjust the wig to your liking. You have the option to trim the hairline, but regardless, this is a beautiful style and color. 

Sensitive Cap on Dominique Wig (Color 8R14-25)

The Sensitive Cap was specifically made for people with alopecia in-mind, people with total hair loss looking for an extra lightweight and secure cap. It’s the most lightweight cap ever created of all of the Fair Fashion wigs, with non-slip silicone patches all around the entire wig cap.It’s entirely hand-tied, with non-slip silicone tabs to ensure it has a nice grip on the scalp. There’s also a polyurethane tab on the nape of the neck where you can add double-sided table for extra security. This wig cap has the ear-to-ear lace front and diamond net on top, and that’s available on the Dominque and Megan wigs. The cap is not adjustable, but had a stretchy band on the side and comes in both a small and medium size; Abby is wearing a small, but it’s important to measure the diameter of your head before ordering

The Dominique Wig (Color 8R14-25) is a beautiful mix of a golden blonde with some darker undertones, making it a very natural looking long blonde wig. It has a long lace front, longer than the Emily wig, so you would need to trim before wearing. You can trim right up to the hairline and since it goes ear-to-ear, you can pull the wig back to make sure the placement is as realistic as possible on your head. As it’s fully hand-tied, you can change the part however you please and it will still look natural on top with the hairline peeking through. This wig is a beautiful and very realistic long, blonde wig option. 

Confidence+ Cap on Mia Wig (Color 2-4)

The last cap and wig are the Confidence+ Cap on the Mia Wig. Like the other caps, the Confidence+ Cap has a lace front but not ear-to-ear, but that in some cases can be more manageable. It has a diamond net on top that makes a very realistic looking scalp, and is fully hand-tied aside from the machine-made net for added durability on the back of the head. It has the non-slip silicone strips by the front of the head, and along the hairline so it grips the head nicely if you’re putting it on a bald head. There’s a nice felt patch on the back for added comfort, along with metal stays so you can push the ear tabs solidly against your head so they lie completely flat. Like the other caps, this one is adjustable but in a completely different way. This has an adjustable velcro strap that you can pull accordingly to fit your head. The Mia Wig (Color 2-4), is a beautiful dark brunette wig, just one shape up from the darkest color in the collection.

Confidence Cap, Comfort Cap, and Basic Cap 

There is also a Confidence Cap, with the main difference between that and the Confidence+ Cap, is the Confidence Cap has a monofilament top. The type of wig, lace front with diamond net or monofilament top, is really up to your preference as to which is more comfortable to wear, but both are very natural looking. The last caps in the collection are the Comfort Cap and the Basic Cap. Both caps are very realistic looking and natural looking, but will be more similar to the caps you would find in the Amore line with the monofilament top, as opposed to a lace top with the diamond cap, which is up to your personal preference as to whether or not you like to push hair out of your face.

All options in the Fair Fashion Human Hair Collection are comfortable, durable, natural looking options and we hope you find the right option for you!

To see these human hair wig and their cap constructions, please watch the video below !


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