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Wig Q&A

Our wig expert who is a wig wearer, wig shop owner and wig educator shares some common Q&As!


A: The biggest difference between human hair wigs and synthetic wigs is that human hair is just like having a natural head of hair in the sense that you will have to style it just like you would your own hair. It does provide the flexibility of being able to change your look regularly with different styling. A lot of times human hair wigs need to be colored, cut and styled to your liking. If you do choose a human hair wig, consider our Fair Fashion Collection! Once you have your human hair wig, find a licensed professional that can help you create or achieve to your desired look.

Synthetic wigs on the other hand are great when you want to be able to put on the wig and it’s already styled. Synthetic hair is ready to wear hair out of the box with minimal styling as they are already designed in a particular style. We do carry high-heat fibered wigs which do allow for some styling changes with low heat settings, while also being synthetic fibers.

Another thing that is very important to keep in mind is the life span if you will of each wig. If you take great care of it, human hair could last up to a year, it depends on the care and the types of services that are done to them such as being chemically altered. A synthetic wig will typically about three to four months before the fibers begin to wear out – this also depends on the type of care the wig receives.

The biggest differences between human and synthetic hair would be the maintenance. Remember these differences of human and synthetic hair when purchasing your next or first piece. The most important thing is that you find a durable wig that will best suite your needs that you feel most comfortable in.


A: If your piece is made of human hair then your wig should be safe to apply heat, however, please use caution as it is just like natural hair which can be damaged by a curling iron or flat iron that is retaining too much heat. Synthetic hair wigs will melt if the wig is not designed to be modified and styled with heat. Most synthetic pieces don’t allow you to apply heat but again there are pieces that are created to be heat friendly. Including several on our Collections! These are pieces that are designed to be heat defiant or friendly that it is safe to use heat on but you still have to be very careful because all implements are designed differently. If you’re using a curling iron or a flat iron and it retains too much heat it will damage the piece. Before applying any heat to your piece always check that the wig fiber is designed to be worked with heat.


A: If you have a wig and decide you want the bangs trimmed, some shaping around the face or any other kind of altering to your wig , it’s always best to find a licensed cosmetologist that can help you. It’s extremely important to contact a licensed cosmetologist because not all synthetic fiber flows the same way when it’s cut. A cosmetologist will use the right implements and shears to cut your hair effectively. Every fiber is different and if you don’t cut it correctly it may not lay the way it should or in a way that you like. For instance, in the bang area, instead of just naturally falling after being cut the bang can pop outward. In our classes, stylists are taught how to work with the fiber and correct heat in order to properly modify or customize your piece to look natural and fit your face shape. 


Wigs are like an accessory like a handbag or a pair of shoes. When you first wear your wig, you may feel a boost of instant confidence which is one of the reasons why people love to wear wigs. There’s a wide variety of people such as those who work in theater, makeup artists, photographers, videographers, stylists, and those who travel a lot for work who wear wigs regularly, who don’t have the time to maintain a style. Others may not have the hair density or hair strong enough to attain a color that they are wanting to go for. Additionally, many people who experience hair loss, such as those with alopecia, cancer or are balding wear wigs. Wearing a wig gives you the ability to have a range of styles and looks to choose from. Many people wear wigs and not all of them are for medical reasons, you can wear a wig every day!


The best way to help maintain your synthetic wig’s condition is to use the products that are designed and formulated specifically for synthetic hair, such as our Rene of Paris products! Products for natural hair may contain too much alcohol or detergents that will damage the fibers of a synthetic piece. After 3 or 4 months your wig may start to look discolored or become frizzy, we suggest regularly shampooing your piece about every 2 to 3 weeks if you wear the wig every day. It’s very important to use products specifically for synthetic hair to maintain the shine and bounce after it dries. If servicing your piece is not something you feel you can do at home, locate a local wig shop or licensed cosmetologist that can help you. Stylist that come to our workshops learn how to maintain these pieces and most offer a reservice program where you can drop off your wig to be serviced. If you have a certain style you wear regularly that you feel most comfortable in it’s not a bad idea to have one or two extra pieces shampooed and ready to go to help maintain your look. If you have a human hair wig, you can use products that are made for natural hair.


Sleeping with your wig on is probably not in the best interest for the condition of your piece. We suggest taking your wig off every day unless you have a wig designed for extended wear. Anytime you are rubbing your hair on the pillow, the back of your chair, in the car with the seatbelt, or any kind of friction against fabric will cause “friction frizz.” When you are not wearing your style, we suggest keeping your piece on a wig stand or wig head if you have one available, or you can also just put it on something tall enough for it to set on. To store your wig for traveling or for overnight storage, a Rene of Paris wig stand is going to be your best option. Rene of Paris two-piece, plastic wing stands are light weight and very easy to put together. You can also use your wig stand as a place to set your wig after shampooing it to air dry.


You’ll find that you’re able to do most activities while wearing your wig. The only activity we would advise against would be swimming while wearing your piece, but if you’re just lounging poolside or just have your feet in the water that’s not something to be fearful of. You really want to keep your wig from being saturated in chlorine because just like our own hair, the chlorine may cause the wig to become discolored and it may damage the fibers. If your wig is not designed for extended wear, we don’t suggest for you to use glues, tapes or any adhesive. Our ready to wear pieces are created to be safe for you to wear for most activities. The most important factor is to find a way for you to feel comfortable that the wig is secure enough that you’re not going to lose the wig during whatever activity it may be.


A common practice of securing a wig to your wig cap is with bobby pins. Another option is to use tape to secure your wig. Some of our wigs, especially our medical line pieces in our Amore Collection, has a polyurethane piece attached on the inside of the wig base that is designed for tape. It’s very important to find out from your doctor if it’s okay for you to be using tapes or any types of glue if you do decide to secure your wig in this fashion. If you’re under medical care we would not advise using glue or tape as your scalp might be sensitive. If your doctor tells you its okay, try these methods, and you can always use bobby pins. Either way, find which one is most comfortable and works best for you!


When your wig has lost its comfort and doesn’t feel as secure as it used to, chances are it’s time to get a new piece. If the fibers become dry or it doesn’t bounce or look the way it did when you originally purchased or started wearing the style, even after using wig styling products, it might be the right time to get a new wig. Always remember you can reorder the same wig piece or take it as a great opportunity to look for a different look and explore other options you didn’t know were previously available.

Here is our wig expert, Daniela Hernandez Salas sharing these Q&As!

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