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How to Have Smooth and Private Hair Loss with Wigs


When you find out that you will be experiencing hair loss due to an illness such as cancer, alopecia, an immune disease, or for any other reason, it can feel overwhelming.

What will happen next?
How soon will your hair fall out?
Will it grow back?

Our celebrity stylist and wig designer, Alexander Turnbull, is a trichologist and worked in the salon environment for many years. As a result of his vast experience, he has become passionate about this topic. In the event that you or your client wants to have a seamless transition back to their original bio hair look once their hair grows back or wants to keep the hair loss private, here is an approach he successfully used in his salon for many years for anyone about to experience hair loss in an environment such as starting chemotherapy. Please keep in mind though, in the event that one is experiencing hair loss, it can be a great opportunity to find “dream hair” as our wig expert Daniela Hernandez Salas likes to say – to find a look or color that you’ve always dreamed of having! Others might want to rock the bald look – which is also beautiful! Ultimately it’s most important to feel gorgeous and confident in your look, no matter what you chose. For Alexander’s seamless process in keeping the original bio hair look, here are the steps to take.

STEP ONE: Find a wig that is similar in style to the original bio hair

The first step is to find a wig that is similar in style to the original bio hair. While you can use photos for this step, if you know you will lose your hair in advance, it can be helpful to find a wig while you still have your bio hair, so you can find an idea match for it. You also want to determine the best color match. Let’s use an example that the original bio hair best matches our Alexandra wig from the Alexander Couture Collection in the color Creamy Toffee-LR (which stands for long root). The next step would be to find the best color match. 

STEP TWO: Decide what to do with bio hair

Some people might want to get ahead of the hair loss and shave off their hair before it falls out. Others might want to cut their hair short, or just leave it to fall out on its own. This is a personal choice that should be decided on a personal level. In the case of shaving the hair off, that would be the time to start wearing the wig that was the closest look to original look – in the example, the Alexandra wig in Creamy Toffee-LR. This way, for those that want to keep their hair loss private, or they want to avoid discussing the topic, receiving questions about their hair and health, the wigs allow them to continue with their natural look. 

Another option would be to pick a wig that is a similar color but shorter to make it look like a hair cut changed the look. If the original look was like the Alexandra wig in Creamy Toffee-LR, then a medium length to look like a hair cut would be our Astrid wig in Creamy Toffee-R. This would appear as if they got a haircut and their roots touched up as the color base is the same and the bangs are still there.

STEP THREE: Integrate new bio hair into look

If a person was going through chemo and their hair started growing back, a subtle way to integrate their bio hair in a seamless way would be to either wear a wig like our Gabby wig in Creamy Toffee-R – which would again match the color base but would be a shorter pixie look.

They would wear this wig until they feel comfortable revealing their bio hair once it was long enough to be a pixie in a similar style. The shorter wig allows for a smoother transition that would protect someone from receiving inquiries about their health journey. Once hair is growing back, we recommend using our BosleyMD products as they can assist with hair growth and thickness in many circumstances.


Alexander’s private hair loss technique uses wigs in 3 different lengths but in the same color base to transition into a shorter look, so someone can then rock their natural hair as it grows back without revealing any hair loss. In our example going from the long style with bangs Alexandra in Creamy Toffee-LR to a bob with bangs Astrid in Creamy Toffee-R to a pixie short Gabby wig in Creamy Toffee.

We believe that people are beautiful with and without hair, with and without wigs, so we also encourage anyone comfortable to rock their bald look if that makes them feel beautiful and confident! At the end of the day everyone should make the decision for themselves deciding what makes them feel their best. And if you want to rock a wig, we’re here for you! 

To view this technique, please watch this video where Alexander demonstrates the process: 



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