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How to Make a Wig Look Natural


We understand how important it is for wig wearers to have your wig look natural. Some people don’t mind others knowing they are wearing a wig, switching up colors and styles regularly, while others want to make sure it looks like the wig is their biological hair. Either way, here at René of Paris and Aderans, we always strive to create high quality wigs with wig fibers that move and look as natural as possible! With a wide range of colors and styles, we want to provide options that look natural and ones that are fun, ones that look like bio hair and ones that are dream hair. If you’re looking for a wig that looks natural and closer to bio hair, our Amore Collection for synthetic wigs or Fair Fashion Collection for human hair wigs might be a good fit! 


The Amore Collection was designed particularly for people with hair loss in mind so the wigs have a lot of really natural looking features such as monofilament and double monofilament wig caps which allow for flexible parting and they are extremely comfortable. For those who like to wear wigs directly on their heads without a wig cap might prefer our Amore wigs as the monofilament top is silky smooth, which can be ideal for people going through chemo cancer treatments or those suffering from hair loss related illnesses. The Amore collection mostly features synthetic wigs, which are already styled. Unlike human hair, the style remains even if the wig gets wet or washed! This is perfect for anyone looking for an easy hair routine, you can just put on the wig and go! Unlike machine made cap constructions which have permatease and volume, monofilament cap constructions allow for the wig fibers to lay closer to the head which can create a more natural look as well. 


The Fair Fashion Collection is great for those looking for a very realistic, high quality human hair wig. They are all handmade and hand-tied with natural looking human hair. Human hair wigs are a great choice for anyone who likes to style and restyle their wigs, similar to how they might on their bio hair. While the wig might have a base texture, the hair can be curled, straightened and styled just like human hair. 

While the Amore Collection and Fair Fashion Collection are excellent choices for a natural look, our other collections: Noriko, Orchid, Alexander Couture and Muse can also be a great fit! We have many different types of wigs and cap constructions, all of which have different features that can create a natural look.


If you like pulling your hair back in the front, then looking for a lace front wig can provide a realistic hairline look. It can look like it’s coming from your face as if it’s just growing right out of your own scalp!Lace part wigs allow for natural looking parts in the hair. This is similar to monofilament cap constructions, but focused on the part line. When a wig style requires permatease for volume and a natural part line, lace parts are often used. Some wigs have a lace part, lace front combination so you can both pull the hair back and have a realistic looking hairline as the lace extends beyond just one of those areas. 

Unlike many other wig companies, our lace front wigs always come pre-trimmed, so there’s no need to worry about cutting them yourself! We understand that cutting lace might seem a little bit daunting to trim yourself, that’s why we trim our wigs ahead of time so once they get to you they are just ready to wear out of the box.

Another fantastic feature to look for in your wigs to look very realistic is a monofilament wig cap. Now there’s monofilament wig caps and double monofilament wig caps, the main difference between these two is just the level of comfort. Both are extremely comfortable, but with the double monofilament wig cap we add an extra layer of monofilament just to add that extra added comfort. This might feel nice if you’re wearing the wig directly on your head like our Alopecia Ambassador, Abby Andrew. Monofilament and double monofilament also allows for a very realistic looking hairline and it also allows you to change the part any which way you want so it gives you a lot of styling flexibility. No matter how the hair is moved you have a very realistic looking scalp peeking through, which looks very natural. 


If you’re new to wigs and you just want something that’s going to be completely effortless, a shorter length wig for a daily wear wig can be a good way to start. Of course a long hair wig can look just as natural as a short wig, but it might take a little bit less effort to keep up with a short wig as the hair fibers might not get as tangled.


If you’re concerned about your wig moving while you’re wearing it or you are nervous about the hairline, picking a wig with bangs or side bangs can be a good solution. This is because the part of the wig or the hairline of the wig is covered. Wigs with bangs don’t necessarily need a lace front or monofilament wig cap because it will likely not need to be pushed back.


Another important element to making sure your wig looks as natural and realistic as possible is something that a lot of people tend to overlook and that’s making sure that your wig has the proper fit. All of our wigs are adjustable so all you have to do is just check the adjustment straps at the nape of the neck and just adjust it to your head size. You can just pull it a little bit tighter to fit snug on your head without being too tight, you definitely don’t want it to be uncomfortable but just tight enough that it feels secure. If you are just getting used to a brand new wig, we recommend trying to wear it around the house and just make sure it fits comfortably while in the comfort of your own home before wearing it out into the world. The perfect fit should be comfortable and feel secure without anything else adhering it to your head. 


If you have a wig that you have maybe put away in storage for a while and you’re just taking it out for the first time, it can be helpful to take the wig and just gently shaking it out. This seems like a very simple and straightforward tip but sometimes people don’t necessarily think of doing this. But even something simple as just making sure it’s nice and combed out and shaking it out will just really help to restore the shape and the natural flow of the hair.  


Another tip for keeping your wig looking natural , is that over time your wig will need to be washed. Once you wear it consistently for a little while, something great you can do to restore the hair is just give it a quick wash. Make sure with your synthetic wigs you are using shampoo and conditioner designed for synthetic wigs because human hair products can damage your synthetic wigs. We have a wig shampoo here at René of Paris that is especially designed for synthetic wigs! 


If there are any modifications you ever want to do to your wig to try to make it look even more natural, we recommend going to a licensed wig specialist to try out these modifications. For example, if you want to trim the wig in a certain way that just seems like you feel like it would flatter your face shape better, or adjust the bangs or density in a wig, we definitely recommend taking it to a salon that can do this for you professionally. If you go to our “Where to Buy” page, you can use our store locator and within that store locator you can find a store near you that also has a licensed wig specialist who can work with you.

If you’d like to see some of these wig tips demonstrated, please watch this video about making your wig look natural with our Alopecia Ambassador, Abby Andrew!


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