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If you’re new to wearing wigs or have heard many different pieces of advice and tips about wigs or how to care for wigs, it can be confusing. That’s why our senior stylist, wig designer and beauty expert, Alexander Turnbull, wants to share answers to some frequently asked wig questions (FAQ).

What is the difference between Aderans and Rene of Paris?

The difference between Aderans Hair Goods and Rene of Paris is Aderans Hair Goods is home to all of our wig collections. Our wig collections include Rene of Paris, Noriko, Amore, Orchid, Alexander Couture and Muse Collections. We also have Christine Headwear, BosleyMD and more!

What is the difference between a lace front wig and a monofilament wig?

Lace front wigs have the lace right at the front of the wig running across the forehead. That keeps the hairline looking really realistic so you can pull your hair back, tie it back and it literally looks like it’s just growing out from under your head. You also can get a lace part as well where it keeps the part looking extremely natural. A monofilament wig has a cap construction that is hand tied. Monofilament wigs allow you to change the part to any spot on the cap and it continues to look extremely natural. We also have caps that are machine made which allow for permatease and adding a lot of body and volume, we have double drawn, we have a French drawn cap, and many combinations such as lace front, lace part.

Do we make 100% hand tied wig caps?

Yes, we do have 100% hand tied wig caps and you can find them in our Amore Collection wigs.

Do the wigs come in different sizes?

All of our wigs have adjustable straps in at the nape in the back of the wig that can be moved, pulled in and slackened off to suit your head size. If those can’t adjust to the right size, we recommend going to a wig shop or a salon and they can make the adjustments for you. We also have a few large cap wigs and a few petite wigs. Our Amore Collection is particularly designed for those with medical hair loss, so the caps are a bit smaller than our other collections.

Can you cut your own wig?

Our wigs are designed to be ready out of the box in the advertised style. However, if you want to have your wig customized further, we recommend taking it to a wig professional at a salon or retailer who can assist with that. Synthetic and high heat wig fibers do not cut the same way that human hair does, and a licensed wig professional would have the training and experience to successfully customize the style for you.

What is the difference between R and LR?

When you see a “-R” after one of our colors it stands for root. The rooting on the wig is intended to look like regrowth to keep a wig looking really really natural. Generally if you are somebody that has your own bio hair colored, after the first week or so you would have a bit of regrowth, that root keeps it looking really natural.

When you see a “-LR” that stands for a long root which gives a stretched root or ombre effect. We also have Melted colors that achieve a similar look.

Some other abbreviations we use are “-T” which stands for tip – when the tips are a bit lighter than the rest; we have “-SR” which stands for soft root when the regrowth look is lighter than the “-R” look. We also have “-MR” which is micro root and “-H” which stands for highlight.

Do we have special wigs for sensitive scalps and medical hair loss?

Yes, our Amore Collection is designed for sensitive skin and for hair loss as the wigs are made with monofilament cap constructions, as is our Fair Fashion human hair wig collection.

Do we sell wigs directly from Rene of Paris and Aderans?

We sell our wigs through retailers and wig salons. If you go to the “Where to Buy” page on our website, you can find our local, international and online retailers who sell our products. If you ever see a wig style on our website or social media that you’re interested in and the retailer you work with does not have it in stock, we recommend asking them to order it for you.

Are your wigs made out of human hair?

A majority of our wigs are made from synthetic fibers which are fantastic as they keep their look and style more than human hair fiber wigs. They are ready to go out of the box and are often nick named “bullet proof hair”. This is a benefit of synthetic wigs is how easy they are to use, but you are not able to use any heat on them to restyle them, except for our Hot Tool designed for synthetic wigs.

Another type of wig fiber we have is made from heat friendly fibers. Heat can be used on these wigs to curl or straighten them. Once the style is changed with heat, it will keep the new style that was created.

We also have some human hair wigs that are made of out human hair fibers, which also act and can be styled as bio hair can be. We have some human hair wigs and toppers throughout our collections, and our Fair Fashion collection is a 100% human hair collection.

We hope that these FAQ answered all your questions. If you do have any other questions we’ve not managed to answer here, please don’t hesitate to direct message us on social media or message us through the website!

If you’d like to see Alexander explain these FAQ, you can watch the video here:


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