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Mantra Long Scarf

Mantra Long Scarf

The Mantra Scarf is the perfect choice if you wish to create a unique and personal look. The long ribbons provides endless styling opportunities. Wear it with long ribbons down the one side for an every day relaxed look and be creative for those special occasions. 


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Available Colors

80 Ties Graphic 481
Bamboo Leaves Print 404
Black 211
Blue 168
Blue Melange 391
Brown 167
Brown Green 338
Brown Melange 84
Cerise 254
Dark Blue 255
Fuchsia 174
Grey Brown 253
Grey Melange 169
Indian Spring 475
Kaleidoscope 523
Light Lilac 171
Ocean Blue 295
Red 361
Rose Melange 320
Swirls 473

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