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Types of Hair Enhancements

Top Piece Hair Enhancements are an excellent accessory for those experience hair loss, hair thinning or for someone who wants to make their hair look fuller. Here are some of the Hair Enhancements that we offer.


Our Mini Top Piece is made of Remy human hair, with a base that is double monofilament. It has two pressure clips to help secure the piece in place. The length ranges from four and a half inches on the short side to six inches on the long side. This piece is light weight, easy to clip in and can be worn in any direction. The Mini TP can serve as a quick way to add bangs or be placed in the crown area for someone with a shorter hair style to use for filling or to add density in the case of balding or hair loss.


Our Diamond Top Piece is a hair enhancement with a double monofilament cap contruction. It is made with Remy human hair and has five inches of length in the bang area and twelve inches on the sides. This Diamond TP piece has four clips that make it easy to clip in and it is very comfortable to wear with a diamond shape design.


Our Flex Top Piece has a comfortable monofilament base with synthetic hair that’s thirteen inches in length in the front to fourteen to sixteen inches in length. The Flex TP is constructed with our soft wire perimeter that allows you to couture the piece to your head, a feature most other foundations do not have and it is very easy to do!


The Luxe Top Piece is constructed with our soft wire perimeter that’s covered by a monofilament base and a lace front. This piece is about nine and a half inches on the shorter layers and about sixteen and a half inches in the length. When placing this piece make sure that you have it close to your hair line.


Some enjoy wearing two hair enhancement pieces together in order to create a new look. There is no wrong way to wear your pieces. One example is to use both the Mini TP and the Evanna TP. First clip the Mini TP toward the front of your head to create some bangs. Take the Evanna TP and clip in toward the back of your head making it like a little fall. If you have hair, gather your hair in the back, blend the Evanna TP with your own hair and clip it up. This is a great way to add density to make you feel more comfortable and less self-conscious.


A favorite is the Evanna Top Piece which has a lace front, a lace part and is eleven and a half inches of length all the way around. Even if your natural hair is longer than the Evanna TP, you can take a basic little clip and clip up the back of your hair. Clip the Evanna TP over the front of your head and let it fall into place across your scalp to cover your hair underneath. This is a great look to wear by the pool side or when its warm out.

If you’re experiencing hair loss or hair thinning or you just want to increase density or whatever the case may be, Hair Enhancement Top Pieces are a wonderful alternative.

If you’re not sure what type of topper to wear look for direction from your professional hair stylist or the person that helps you with your hair solutions.

See our wig expert, Daniela Hernandez Salas demonstrate some of our hair enhancements in this video.

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