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How to Revive Curls in a Wig

Some people who have never worn curls before panic when they first get their piece because when they shake the curls out or start wearing it, the piece may start looking a little bit frizzy. But not to worry! With the right products and technique, you can reform the curls to redefine the pattern. Bringing curls back to life in a piece that is a little bit older or something you’re having trouble controlling frizz with can be more easily maintained with the help of our Revive Liquid Enhancement Spray from Rene of Paris. Revive is an amazing product that helps keep synthetic pieces looking fresh and will help you control frizz and static.

STEP 1: Prepare Your Wig

Before applying Revive, first shampoo your piece and let it dry. 

STEP 2: Spray Revive Liquid Enhancement by Rene of Paris

Drape your first section of hair in your palm and spray Revive Liquid Enhancement by Rene of Paris from top to bottom starting at the top toward the wig base staying about 12 inches from your piece. Gently rub Revive through the section of the piece by running the small section you’ve grabbed through your fingers from the top to bottom. 

STEP 3: Twist the Curls

It’s important to note that when you are looking at a curl pattern, you have to look at the direction that the curl is flowing. Take the little section of hair and you are going to start twisting the direction the curls are going. Tightly run your fingers down the length of the section while twisting, but be careful not to pull too tight and pull on the hair. 

STEP 4: Repeat throughout the wig

Repeat the same application and scrunching pattern all the way around your wig. This works great on pieces that have ends that you want to keep from frizzing. You can also rid the base of frizz without twisting by just spraying on Revive Liquid Enhancement by Rene of Paris to the ends and allowing it to completely dry.  Twist in the direction that the curl pattern looks to have taken from the beginning and after you drop it and the frizz is gone. 

You Can Focus on Sections

This can seem like an intimating process so if you don’t have time to fix the whole piece or only a small section has frizz, just do the pieces that look like need the most attention. You will really begin to see how much of a difference Revive makes. 

Update Your Wigs Regularly

If you’re wondering how to control a wave pattern, a curl pattern or maybe you had a wig that’s a little bit older and its just out of control Revive by Rene of Paris and is going to help set back in the soft waves.  Keep in mind that a wig has a life span and wigs are not designed to wear for years. If you’ve had a piece for longer than 6 months, you’re probably going start having trouble keeping the wig looking its very best and might have some trouble styling it. A piece like this it may not be as easy to bring back. 

Tips to Keep in Mind

Staying back about 12 inches spray the entire side you are working don’t be afraid to use a generous amount and then you are going to want to finger comb the section you’ve sprayed. Scrunch the curls a little and this will have helped eliminate frizz while putting shine or luster back into the piece. You can do this same process on something you have worn without shampooing but for best results we recommend shampooing and allowing to dry be proceeding. I would always recommend that you don’t over use Revive and remember to follow this process when you do shampoo.

If you’d like to see this technique demonstrated, check out our video below with our wig expert, Daniela Hernandez Salas!

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